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SB Nation Small Market Roundtable!

Instead of spending your time reading all the facinating Jaguars news and thoughts here, I implore all of you to visit Pride of Detroit and follow along with the discussion on Stadiums.

Yeah, Stadiums, the big ole things that some teams take for granted, that the taxpayers hate paying for and that drive up owner revenue.

Take the Colts for example.  They just threw down some monster coin to make the "Lube".  But, because it dosen't stand up to the One Billion dollar machination of the Cowboys, they lost out on hosting a Super Bowl.  For Dallas, losing the bid means you try again next year, Indy on the other hand has to put up with a delayed gratification for a massive investment.

Jacksonville Municipal Stadium is pretty good, albeit too big.  It underwent renovations to prepare for hosting the Super Bowl and was, at one point in time, one of the nicest places in the league.  We're a long way off from ever rebulilding, and I doubt the Jacksonville tax payers would pay for one anyhow.

Our biggest concern with Stadiums is how they drive up revenue.  Jerry Jones is gonna make a metric ass-ton of money when the new stadium opens up.  A hundred thousand paying customers puts a whole lot of cash in the bank.  The higher revenues go, the higher the Salary cap goes, and then it becomes vastly more expensive to maintain a winning team.  On top of it all, Jones is one of the owners who's least interested in revenue sharing, so I don't know how this will play out in 2010.

Anyhow, those are my thoughts.  Please follow the debate over at Pride of Detroit