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Byron Leftwich Speaks

Byron Says "Get Off My Back"

Byron Leftwich spoke to the media today for the first time since his crowning as the starting quarterback. Byron's got a lot of pressure on him given his tendency to get injured and miss games (nearly a full season over the last three years) and this being a contract year only ratchets that pressure even higher. The ankle injury, according to Byron is

"Totally recovered," he said of his ankle. "No pain, no nothing in the ankle. This is the best my ankle has felt in three years."

What matters to me most is the ability for Byron to work effectively despite the problems between him and coach Del Rio. I don't expect them to be best of friends, but they need a functioning work environment. The chemistry between coach and player is critical, don't get me wrong. But Byron's got the advantage of playing for a gigantic payoff. He's completely aware of the massive payments to mediocre players this off season. He knows that a healthy and strong year with the Jags is key to a big payoff from Jacksonville or some other team. If he can make it to week 14/15 and the team is doing well and our passing game is solid, I completely see Jacksonville using their salary cap flexablity to re-sign him for huge money.

When he was asked about the Jack-Byron relationship he said

"When you look at the big picture here and winning football games, it doesn't really matter," Leftwich said. "I'm not saying the relationship is good or bad. It's just not relevant to what we're trying to do here."

I'm OK with that.

If you look around the internets you'll find countless opinions on the Jacksonville quarterback situation. There are Byron lovers, Garrard Haters, anything and everything that can be epitomized in a message board sig, but I think the obvious fact must be accepted.

Byron Leftwich is our quarterback.