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Ranking the Unrankable or How I spent the off-season

Mini-Camp is happening as we speak, new draft picks are in town, and it's time we take a preliminary look at the roster.  I'm borrowing the idea from Grizz over at Blogging the Boys  who does a much better job than I ever will at this sort of thing.  

Before we get into the roster, lets set some ground rules.

  1.  All of the below is nonsense.  Figuring out who makes the team is as much a function of salary cap and contract as it is talent.  Players will be cut and players will be signed before all this is said and done.  What this means is that when I'm completely wrong, don't cite this post as the gospel truth.
  2. As did Grizz, I'm going to weight draftees more than vets in SOME circumstances
  3. Also, copying Grizz, the rankings reflect situation rather than talent, so ya'll David Garrard lovers out there shouldn't get too upset.
That being said, let's look at the offensive skill positions.


  1. Byron Leftwich: We diddn't draft Brady Quinn.  Del Rio said a dozen times that Byron is our guy.  I don't think it can be more clear that he will be the starter.  Also, never ever count out the ability of a player in the last year of his contract.  Even if Byron doesn't want to play for Jacksonville, if he wants to get paid somewhere, he's gotta show up on the field.
  2. David Garrard: He's still in the picture but with the reality check of last years performance.  I imagine he's acutely aware of Byron's contract situation.  If he's not spending the off-season learning how to read an offense and not fumble he'll be falling down the depth chart.
  3. Quin Gray: Number three on the list but could really shine in the off-season and pre-season.  I'd like to see the guy move past David Garrard, if nothing else because Quin is clearly a number two quarterback, not a debatable number one (to some people) like David.  
Running Back
  1.  (a) Fred Taylor:  He's still the man, but will have half the carries.  Which is fine, because splitting time with MJD will keep him healthy and producing late into the season.  Fred knows he's on his last contract and wants to finish strong, if nothing else to disprove all the haters.
  2. (b) Maurice Jones-Drew: Splitting time with Fred is not a bad way to spend your second season in the league.  I don't think we'll see him returning kicks anymore as his value is too high to risk injury on special teams.  I don't know if he'll do 16 touchdowns again as teams will have film on him, but he'll certainly do better than many full time backs in the league
  3. Alvin Pearman: Good but not great year on special teams, scored a nice slop-time TD against the Colts.  Needs to work on his hands.
  4. Montell Owens: No stats last year, still a developmental player.  Not much to say other than that he's lucky that Greg Jones and Dereck Wimbush play fullback.
  5. LaBrandon Toefield: Largely ineffective last year on Special Teams and offense.  I could see him being cut and establishing a career somewhere else.
  6. D.D. Terry, RB, Sam Houston: Who?  Exactly.  Undrafted Free Agent, he can rise and fall based on his performance in camp.  He scored 15 TD's last year in his only year starting.
  1. Derrick Wimbush: Number one in this spot despite his time playing running back last season.  Fills in at full back until more is known about Greg Jones injury recovery.
  2. Greg Jones: The player that actually made Del Rio cry when he was lost for the year after tearing his ACL in training camp.  If he recovers he'll jump to the top of this last or even number 3 in the RB rotation.  Jack loves this guy, loves his size and loves his attitude.  Unfortunately, he's on his 2nd ACL and could face another year of recovery.
Wide Receiver
  1. Matt Jones: He's number one this year with a huge target on his back.  It's his third year, the year Wide Receivers are made or broken.  I'd put him here by default, but look for some challengers from below.
  2. Reggie Williams: Even more endangered than Matt going into this season, he really needs to figure out how to remain consistant and relevant in the offense.  While you could blame his disappearance last year on Byron being out from injury, he needs to find a way to make his production justify his dancing
  3. Mike Walker: Even though he's a rookie, I think Walker will be the speedy slot player in our offense rather than Northcutt.  I think he could even challenge for the number two spot.
  4. Dennis Northcutt: He makes the team because he's a pricy free agent and a pretty good kick returner.  Should Walker disappoint in the slot, he'll be right there, as well as in 4 WR sets.
  5. Ernest Wilford: The biggest loser on the team since the draft, falling from the clear number 3 to a possible cut.
  6. John Broussard: Could pass Ernest if he shows promise in the return game, likely practice squad
  7. Roosevelt Kiser: See Above, possible practice squad
  8. J'Juan Woods: See above
  9. Charles Sharon: Probably won't be on the team come September, especially with the Carroll precedent.
Tight End
  1. George Wrightster: Really established himself last year with many big catches.  Better blocker than given credit for and should be the starter in single TE sets.
  2. Marcedes Lewis: Will start in two TE sets provided his ankle is recovered completely.  Should he show signs of regression or development he will fall to number 3 on the depth chart, but this is by no means a bust, Jacksonville is stacked enough at the position to justify letting him develop at his own speed.
  3. Jermaine Wiggins: Will replace Kyle Brady as a big blocking TE, look for him in our "Big" package (three TE) or in short yardage situations.  May surprise people with his catches.
  4. Brian Jones: Developing player that blocks better than he catches.  
  5. Greg Estrandia: Practice Squad, possible "Big" blocker
  6.  Danny Murray: Practice Squad, but probably won't make team
  7. Tony Pudewell: Will not make team.
So there you have it, an initial look at the Jaguars roster at our offensive skill positions.  All of the above is nothing more than a semi-educated guess.  I'll have the O-line and the Defense later this week!