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An Open Letter to Jack Del Rio

Byron says to Jack: "Sssshhhh"
Dear Jack,

Just pick a frigging quarterback.

I'm not sure if I'm speaking on behalf of all the Jaguars fans out there, but I know I'm certainly not alone with this sentiment.

But just pick a guy and stick with him.  You can't say how great Byron is doing and then be connected to rumors that you tried to restructure Dantue Culpepper's contract.  These mixed signals do nothing to inspire confidence in our offense.  You see Jack, your magic with our defense and the creation of a Jaguars identity is quickly turning irrelevant as you struggle with our quarterback.  Your entire coaching career with the Jags is going to be measured by your progress with Byron Leftwich and our passing game.  It won't matter a flip that you created a new team identity with a nasty defense and a dual headed rushing attack that, contrary to what the mainstream media says, is the best in the league.

Your bed is made with the Quarterback you drafted, and you need to accept that.  Undermining Byron, no matter how many times he says that it has no effect on what happens on the field, can't help the guy take this team to their logical next step.  If Byron is the guy then he needs your absolute support, not double speak.

Besides, did you really think that a rookie quarterback who struggled under Charlie Weis or a broken quarterback that's a shell of his former self is really the answer that puts us over the top?  Despite three offensive coordinators, inconsistent wide receivers and the most fickle fan base in the league we're still just barely away from being an elite team.  Everything you've built on defense is now tied in with your decisions at quarterback.

Now Jack, I don't mean to sound so mean here or anything, but I'm gonna be very unhappy as our defense slowly begins to age and leave our team.  I know you've got experience on teams where the defense is vastly more successful than the offense, but in this day and age of insane contracts, do you expect to hold it together like the 2000 Ravens?  

And let's not forget this, Byron is in a contract year.  Look at Shaun Alexander to get an idea of what a player can do in his contract year.  He's gonna pay to get paid, and that just might be the spark that the team needs.  

Oh, and since I have your attention, I'd also like it if you'd not cut Bobby McCray's offer for this year.  He has to know that he's a 7 sack season away from payday, and should do the right thing and sign his tender, you don't need to make the situation more tense at such a dangerously weak position.  Go figure that DE would be the weak point in our defensive depth, it's not like we diddn't know for the last nine months that we were shallow in the ranks.

Anyhow, have a great "dead zone" vacation, but please don't say anything else about our quarterbacks until Training Camp.  You've done more than enough as it is.