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Small Market Media Woes

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Small Market Media Woes.

Our dear rival over at Music City Miracles wrote the next chapter of our Small Market Roundtable.  His topic is the Media and the Small Market.  His points are worth your time as Tennessee is not quite so different from Jacksonville, despite our mutual resentment toward eachother.  (I'll never get over 1999.

Anyhow, the issues he brings up are pretty dead on.  For example, did ESPN ever tell you that first round pick Mike Griffen is being moved to cornerback?  No, because they were too busy with their New England Patriots official knee pads.  

I'm sure all of us in the "small market" gets sick of hearing about the Patriots, Jets, Cowboys and Redskins.  Though the Titans have the gift of a fantastic, albeit one-dimensional, face man in Vince Young.  This is one area where the NFL Draft can help level the ESPiN machine by forcing through selection coverage of big time players that have the misfortune of being drafted by the small market.  

Locally, Jacksonville is covered by two papers, the Florida Times-Union, which is typically only concerned with Byron Leftwich.  And the Orlando Sentinel, which resents not being completely devoted to the Dolphins and Bucs.  So our coverage is a bit...sub terms of attention by our own papers.

Sorry for the short post, but I encourage all of us to head over to Music City and engage in the comments.  We might even find a few friends on our rivals site!