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Culpepper to Jacksonville, part two...

Ok, I was wrong.  I'm sure you've seen this or this

It seems that the Jaguars are taking a serious look at Dantue Culpepper.  So much in fact that Jack Del Rio has talked to Byron and David about what is happening.  While I think Culpepper is a huge mistake of enormous proportions, I appreciate that they are letting Byron know that he'll be a backup, and David know that he's absolutely screwed.  Or, rather, that Garrard will probably have to compete pretty damn hard in training camp or get traded for a 6th or 7th round pick.  Specificaly, David said

"Yeah, they talked to me," Garrard confirmed to the team's Web site, after a Wednesday organized team activities (OTA) practice. "[Offensive coordinator] Dirk [Koetter] did. He said it doesn't have anything to do with my status. He just wanted to make sure we knew it was true. They don't have to tell you what they're thinking. It was cool."


Byron Leftwich boosts my confidence by saying

"It's smart to look into it, especially with me having only one year on my contract," said Leftwich, who has yet to play a full 16-game schedule because of injuries. "I understand it. I'm in the last year of my contract and nobody knows which way this is going to go."


Obviously this is all speculation.  We've got no idea if Daunte is willing to re-structure his salary (he's due something like 5.5 million dollars this season) and the Dolphins still want something in return.  I can see the merits of taking a "free look" at the guy if he's released by Miami, but I'm completely against spending a draft pick on a crippled risk.

Of course, I'll eat every word I've said if he's healthy.  Though, because I don't like hedging my bets, I'm gonna officially toss my hat into the "Culpepper is not MY quarterback" club.  That way I can look like a total clown if he goes somewhere else and returns to his 2003 form or starts in Jacksonville and takes us all the way.

Yet again I've come to regret the Mike Tice signing, despite what he's done with our offensive line.  Am I the only one who's convinced he's just gunning for Jack Del Rio to get fired and be the next in line for the Jaguars Head Coach job?  Is he going behind the scenes in the front office to hype up his former quarterback?  Am I just crazy to assume the ill intentions?