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Quick Bytes!

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Happy Monday everyone.  It's a quiet day for Jaguars news, save for some odds and ends.

 * It looks like Buffalo , Seattle, Carolina and (sadly) Houston could be destinations for Donovin Darius.  I'd really like to see him in Seattle, because he'd be out of our conference and reunited with Deon Grant.  Though, anywhere but Houston is fine with me.  Carolina could be a good option as well, I was pretty convinced that they'd address safety in the draft (see Mock Draft Results), but they are pretty thin.

  •  With the dreaded dead zone upon us, I think it's important for a bit of a refresher on some of the "behind the scenes" aspects of the Jaguars and the NFL in general.  One good way to start this is by taking a closer look at the Salary Cap and what we pay our players. One fantastic source is JagsO2's thread on the Official Message Board.  This thread is constantly updated, as well as his Salary Spreadsheet   Of course, much of this information is hard to find for a small market team, so there is a lot of estimations and educated guesses.  Did you know that the base salaries over  four year deal are $285,000 in 07, $370,000 in 08, $460,000 in 09, and $550,000 in 2010?  
  • Another good site for salary cap information is Ian Whetsone who compiles this stuff in his free time.  His numbers are accumulated in a fascinating spreadsheet that shows some interesting numbers.  For example; Jacksonville is spending 47.452 million on defense this year, which works out into 43% of the Salary cap.  52.466 million is spent on Offense or 48%.  The remaining 14.47 is used for rookie signings and resigning players (in case of injury, or in a best case resigning Byron Leftwich)
  •  Pete Prisco who I normally don't like, ranked his top fifty players.  Three Jaguars made the list: John Henderson at 13, Rashean Mathis at 45 and Marcus Stroud at 48.  It's all defense, as usual, but I bet next year we see Reggie Nelson, Maurice Jones Drew, and Mike Peterson on the list.
  • Tim McCellan, a fellow blogger in the Jaguars'O'Sphere at MVN is still having sleepless nights over the Defensive End position.  I can't say that I blame him, though having McCray is a bit of a consolation prize.
That's all for now, have a great day!