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Quickest Bytes!

Go Here, in real life and online!
  •  We've got two new blogs!  Canal Street Chronicles is our new New Orleans Saints writer!  He's already doing a far better job than I do, so I'm completely jealous and intimidated.  Seriously.  There is some good content coming from over there.
  • The second new blog is Baltimore Beatdown .  I like the Ravens, simply because Jack Del Rio taught Ray Lewis everything he knows (except how to get away with murder, of course) and they hate Indianapolis wish a far better reason than I do, so they're all right in my book.  With these additions we're only two teams away from completion.  If you know anyone who is passionate about the Arizona Cardinals or the San Diego Chargers, drop me a line.
  • Wide Receiver Charles Sharon got in a spot of trouble in march.  The Drug and Weapons charges have been dropped and it appears that he's off scott free .  Good for him, though I hope he learned to keep himself clean.  Especially if he wants the starting job
  • Jack Del Rio and Mike Nolan got the OK to wear their suits during the regular season for home games.  We won both games when Jack wore the suit, for the sake of cosmic karma, I'm happy with the decision.
  • While I hate his team, Tom at Pats Pulpit has a great article about all the rule changes that took place during the owners meetings.  He goes into better detail than I ever would, but the only one of note is that instant replay is permanent.  This is not to say that the changes won't cause problems during the season, but there is no "Give the Colts a Super Bowl" level of changes.
  • Don't forget to check out the Small Market Roundtable this week atDaily Norseman!. The topic this week is scheduling and I'll be following it up with my thoughts. If you haven't been paying attention to the roundtable (shame on you) you can catch up here

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    Relocation at Big Cat Country
    Free Agent Attraction at Stampede Blue
    Media Coverage at Music City Miracles

  • The SB Nation Sports Report is tonight.  If you don't know, the report is the official podcast of SB Nation.  It's tonight at 9:00 pm, which just happens to be right this frigging second.  Shit I better post this now!