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I was wrong: Charles Sharon update

Will this guy be our Number 1 Receiver?
I was wrong.  And I'm not afraid to admit it.  Sometimes you read a situation and make a judgment that makes complete sense on the surface but with a few month's retrospect and a few bits of new information you realize that every premise was foolish and the whole argument is illogical.  

Remember when I decided to take a preliminary guess at the position rankings?  Well there is a big fat screw up in there.

9. Charles Sharon: Probably won't be on the team come September, especially with the Carroll precedent.

I was referring to Ahmad Carroll being cut after getting into a spat with the law and how Sharon would be on his way out because of his problem.

But I was wrong.

The Jaguars are saying that Sharon was practicing with the first team and leading the charge in the underwear practices.  Of course, this could be a way to motivate Matt Jones and Reggie Williams, but I like to think that they're emphasizing the open competition for the Wide Receivers.  His position coach Todd Monken said that:

"...all he's done in the first month we've been on the field is make plays,"

Vic Ketchman explains why Charles Sharon is an undrafted anomaly:

Probably because he was too good at everything and not good enough at any one thing. Sharon didn't possess a dominant trait. He didn't have great size, great speed or great run-after-the-catch ability.

Of course, all of this could be nonsense as the defense is playing "touch" football, but I could be pretty damn happy if our starting trio of Wide Receivers were Sharon, Northcutt, and Wilford with the Rookies getting some time to acclimate to the game.  I've got no particular attachment to Jones and Williams, and I'm realistic enough to know that their days are numbered if they don't perform as they're supposed to.

Here are the facts as we know it

  • We have 10 wide receivers on the roster
  • We will only have at most 6 come labor day
  • No veteran player, other than Dennis Northcutt, has a contract that prohibits the team from cutting them
  • Mike Walker will be on the roster come labor day
  • There are seven players competing for four spots, including two first round picks.
Frankly, I look forward to seeing how this plays out in training camp.  The hype behind some of our rookies and general dissatisfaction with our starters makes for an exciting camp.  I'd love to be in Matt Jones' head as he enters camp knowing that he's got no security whatsoever.