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Quick Bytes!

Quick Bytes!

News and quick commentary from around the web.

Our fine friends over at Pro Football Talk are reporting that Keenan McCardell is visiting the Houston Texans today.  I think Keenan is a fantastic player and more power to him for stretching out his career as long as possible.  That being said,  I really hope I don't see him lined up against our boys twice a season, that will be too hard to handle.  The NFL is a business though, things like this happen.

Jaguars Message Board poster T-REX (who's actually a very passionate Colts fan has compiled some interesting statistics that work into our "relocation" argument from last week.  He's figured out the population to stadium capacity ratio.  The top five are: New York: 237 to 1, Chicago: 152 to 1, Dallas: (pre new stadium) 91 to 1, Philly: 85 to1, and Houston: 77 to 1.

The Bottom five are: Indy: 27 to 1, Nashville:22 to 1, Green Bay: 20 to 1, Jacksonville 19 to 1, and Buffalo: 15 to 1.

Before we covered seats it was 14 to 1.  It harder to sell out a stadium when you have less people per seat.  Thanks "T-REX" for the info!

AOL Fanhouse wonders if the Jags can excel this season if "the quarterback and head coach hate each other"?  My Answer: "Yes"

This is the time of the year where people do their Overrated/Underrated.  I think the most overrated Jaguar is David Garrard, who is just a good backup quarterback.  The most underrated Jaguar is Brad Meester, who is a top five center.

Pro Football Weekly ranked the top RB's in the league.  Fred Taylor was 25th, MJD was 24th.  

Read This to examine a very stats driven analysis of Wide Receivers.

I'm off to work, don't forget the next chapter of our "Small Market Roundtable" goes up tomorrow!