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Josh Gattis Signed!

5th Round Pick SIGNED!

In an otherwise quiet span, Jacksonville has signed their 5th round pick Josh Gattis to a multi-year contract. The details have yet to be announced. I really like this kid for his long term potential. He's got a jar on the shelf quality that should see him being the eventual replacement for Donovin Darius, especially if he learns his work ethic. He's a "tweener" size wise, but I think in the Jaguars scheme he'll do quite nicely.

Other News of note. Reggie Williams and Matt Jones were practicing this week after some hamstring problems. I'm not surprised to hear that out of Matt Jones, I'm convinced his off-season workouts consist of Tractor Pulls and Salt Water Taffy.

I've got a few surprises for next week, so stick around!

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