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SB Nation Sports Report! and More!

First off, Donovin Darius signed with the Oakland Raiders today for a 3 year, 7 million dollar contract.  This also means that we'll see him in black and silver on December 23rd, at home no less.

I won't have a boo for him though, and neither should you.

Tonight on the SB Nation Sports Report: Fooch will call us live from the MLB All-Star game in San Francisco, CA. We tried to get Fooch a kayak in McCovey Cove, but since it is a known elemental law that an A's fan will disintegrate should he touch McCovey Cove water, we decided to ditch the damn boat and have him give us a live update on the game. We're also talking NFL football, and the countdown to NFL Training Camps opening up. We'll offer our first in a series of pre-season picks, fantasy suggestions, and our thoughts on who will win it all (Gee, who will we pick!). NBA Summer leagues are in full swing, and NASCAR drivers are sissy-slapping each other again as they race for The Cup. All that and more as BigBlueShoe returns from his jail sentence... er, vacation to co-host the SBNSR with TheSportsGuru tonight at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific) on! We immediately follow BON's Peter Bean's EDSBS Live show, co-hosted with Orson Swindle.