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Quick Bytes!

Quick Bytes!  

First off, hello and howdy to all the Colts Fans who have stopped by and checked out my analysis of their team.  I know a lot of you took offense at my prediction that the Jags would sweep your team, and I'll stand by that.  As to the allegations that I'm a homer with too much free time, I'm only offended at the second part of that, I assure you the last thing I have is enough time.  But in regards to the Colts/Jags, It's been a back and forth series lately, and I think the tide will shift this year.  

That said, let's look at some more "Jaguars Centric" news and notes.

---The Jaguars declined to participate in the supplemental draft, despite allegations that they were interested in former Maryland offensive tackle Jared Gaither.  I agree with the decision, even a late round pick is not worth such an unknown talent, especially given our tendency to draft very well on the second day.

---In very unpleasant news Jacksonville Municipal Stadium was riddled with gunfire.  Several windows were shot out, but thankfully nobody was harmed.  In the off-chance that anyone reading this knows anything, please call Crimestoppers at 866-845-TIPS.  This reflects poorly on the city, and I'm nothing but disappointed.

---The Jaguars signed first-year free agent offensive tackle Samuel Gutekunst today as part of the NFL's international development program.  He plays right tackle and spent time with the Baltimore Ravens.  I'd doubt he makes the team, but I understand that the league is pushing teams to at least try-out some international players.  Who knows, Gutekunst could be the start of a German-based Jaguars fan base!

---Khalif Barnes was sentenced today for his DUI charges from last season.  He gets two years probation, community service, and a chance to make up for his nasty remarks about the city and their officers.  I know everyone and their brother, or at least Pro Football Talk was ready to declare the Jaguars "Bengals South", but I'm very glad that most charges were either dropped, or at least downgraded.  No gun play, no violence, just poor decisions.

---As mentioned before, the Raiders signed Donovin Darius.  Good for him, I'm glad he gets another payday and another chance to play the game he loves.  The Raiders defense was pretty surprising last year, and I bet Darius fits right in for a year or two, provided that he stay's healthy.  That said, I'm not looking forward to his return to Jacksonville.  It'll be the worst thing in the world if Donovin sacked Byron or forced a fumble, etc.

---We did a little intellectual experiment here at SB Nation and attempted to do a Small-Market roundtable addressing the issues and challenges of being a small market team.  Brian at Buffalo Rumblings did a fantastic re-cap of the series, and every one deserves a read, no matter what team you root for.  Here's a list of each story and their respective authors:

BIg Cat Country: Relocation, the NFL, and you!

Pride of Detroit: Big, Shiny New Stadiums.

Stampede Blue: Free Agent Attraction to Big Market Cities.

Music City Miracles: Media Coverage.

Daily Norseman: Prime Time Scheduling.

Buffalo Rumblings: Revenue Sharing.

Acme Packing Company: The Green Bay Anomaly.

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in the Roundtable! It was certainly nice to do something other than compare quaterbacks, speculate on stats, and what not during the dead-zone.

Well everyone, have a fantastic weekend! I'll be back on Monday with the conclusion of the AFC South Speculation, hopefully the Texans fans respond as well as the Colts fans (who I certainly appreciate their readership, despite their feelings about my bias)! Let's not forget that Training Camp is just around the corner, and we'll dive right in to preparing for that on tuesday!