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Jacksonville Jaguars! Number 6 Secondary!

The fine folks over at have declared that the Jacksonville Jaguars have the 6th best secondary in the NFL.

Here are their words:

6. Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jaguars released starting strong safety Donovin Darius this past offseason. Darius had durability issues the past few seasons, but is still a very productive player against the run and an outstanding leader in the secondary. With that said, the Jaguars still possess a very good secondary, starting with corners Rashean Mathis and Brian Williams. Mathis has all the tools to develop into a solid No. 1 corner in the NFL, while Williams is a versatile player who has the experience to match up either on the inside or outside versus multiple spread offenses. First-round pick Reggie Nelson is expected to replace last year's starting FS, Deon Grant. Nelson is an instinctive playmaker who should excel on the backend in coverage due to his speed and range. SS Gerald Sensabaugh is expected to replace Darius, and handle the adjustments and calls within the secondary.

Not bad for having a rookie starting at Free Safety, cutting our legendary strong safety, and putting a very under the radar guy in to replace him.

I also REALLY like to see the Mainstream Media recognize that Mathis is all the deal.  If he could just stay focused on being the best cornerback, rather than going for the INT and getting blown out by Eddie Kennison (See the last game against the Chiefs).

From the Department of Pure Speculation: If you noticed my Haiku, I think that the Culpepper Sweepstakes just got a little more complicated with the current Michael Vick situation.  If I had to guess, I'd bet that Mr. Blank is seriously considering another option, because Joey Harrington just won't cut it.  Also, who wouldn't like to see Joey and Daunte together again!

Third Round Pick Mike Walker Signed a contract yesterday.  I'd be willing to bet that he becomes a starter by the bye week.

From the Oh My God This Can't Happen Department, R.Jay Soward, has reinstated his NFL Career.  Holy crap, the former 1st round flop (Thanks TOM!) could be back in 07...

That's all till my Texans post!