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Quick Bytes!

Here's a quick look at what the interwebs are saying...

  • ESPN's John Clayton thinks that the Jaguars biggest issue going into camp is at Quarterback.  I am stunned at his ability to root out the most obvious and get paid so much to do so.
    So how will Jack Del Rio sort out the quarterback position? Byron Leftwich enters camp as the starter, but will Daunte Culpepper sign on and challenge him for playing time? Two years ago, the Jaguars appeared to be settled at quarterback. Leftwich was good enough to take the team into the playoffs. David Garrard was considered one of the better backups in the league. Now, the quarterback position is in turmoil. Leftwich could leave via free agency after the season.
  • Speaking of ESPN, please do yourself a favor and read this.  It's the best damn critique of the ESPN nightmare I've ever seen.
  • says that the Jags have these burning questions  Since it is "insider", I'll give you a big quote.
    Will Jacksonville be able to make it back to the playoffs?
Overtaking the Colts will be very difficult, so the Jaguars need to concentrate on just making it back to the playoffs. Their running game will be even stronger with Maurice Jones-Drew coming into his second year and Fred Taylor continuing to run strong. If they can get a full season out of last year's first-round draft pick, TE Marcedes Lewis, it will help both the running and passing games. Defensively, the Jags will still be hard to run against, but their secondary is going to be tested early and often, especially down the middle with third year SS Gerald Sensabaugh and rookie FS Reggie Nelson taking over the starting spots. They need to start winning the games they should win and learn to win games on the road. The Jags success to a large degree depends on their quarterback play.  Imagine that, a teams success being in the hands of the quarterback!

* AOL Fanhouse wonders why Culpepper isn't a Jaguar.  It's a pretty easy answer, it's because he's going to Atlanta.

Some Quick Thoughts

  • Nobody needs to worry about offending Fred Taylor.  He's cool with Jones-Drew, and understands that he's stronger with shared time.
  • Don't forget to pay attention to the Jaguars secondary, we've got two "first time" starters back there.  If our passing game struggles against our defense, it might just say that we're OK at cornerback and secondary
  • If you can, go to Training Camp, get some autographs, get excited about the team, and learn a bit about football.