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Reggie Nelson Signs Contract!

Reggie Nelson: Under Contract and In Camp!

Jacksonville's first round pick Reggie Nelson has signed his contract, as did Justin Durant!  Reggie signed a 5 year deal worth 13.2 million, 7.2 million guaranteed.

I was worried that the Brady Quinn situation would impede the signing of Reggie Nelson, but thankfully that was not a factor.  Brady is gonna have to suck it up and accept that he was not picked in the top five and do something crazy like, I don't know, earn your big money?  Maybe the kid knows he's a fraud at quarterback and needs the big payday early so he's got something to live on!

So the Jaguars have all 88 players in camp and starting camp today!  Monday will be the Oklahoma drill, and that's always exciting.  If anyone who reads this is going to camp and wants to post a "scouting report", feel free to do so in the Diaries, or email me directly!  I'd love to have some first hand reports, especially on Monday!

If I were going, I'd pay particular attention to, duh, the wide receivers and the quarterbacks that throw to them. The statistics nut in me would keep track of every single pass and who throws to whom. Anything to get a little inside edge on who's ahead of the curve and who's behind. Also, it looks like Quin Gray is going to be on the Physicaly Unable to Perform list (PUP list), and won't be at the start of Training Camp.

One more thing to pay attention to is our situation at nickel-back! We've got a lot of young and talented cornerbacks, and there's no way that we keep em all. So see who steps up and fills out our defensive backfield!

Time for another long and awful day at work, have a great weekend!