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Jaguars Signing: Tim Couch (WTF?)

New Jaguar Signing?

I mentioned that Quinn Grey was placed on the Physically unable to Perform list.  Because of this, the Jaguars have signed Tim Couch.  I know many of you were expecting a big time siging of a Free Agent quarterback during training camp, but this was certainly not the one.

It's obvious that we needed a third or possible fourth quarterback in camp, especially with the absolute awfulness of Lester Ricard.  Ok, awfulness is not a fair term, it's his first rookie training camp and Jacksonville is no Tulane, but only having Byron, David, and Lester means a whole lot of reps wasted in camp with our starters, and that's a waste of time.  I'm a big believer in the idea that a player only has so many reps in them in any given season, and the less that are wasted in camp, the better.  Which is not to say that training camp is a "waste", only that unnecessary reps in camp can come back to bite you.  

So I don't expect Tim to be on the final roster, unless Quinn is cut, but even then, the former first round pick couldn't even be the number three QB on the Packers, so I don't think he'll make it here.

So here's to you Tim Couch, enjoy your time in Jacksonville, don't forget to check out the beach and some of the fantastic restaurants!