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Quick Bytes!

  • It's a bit of a tangent, but the head coach of the Dallas Desperados is a Jaguars Alum.  Coach Will McClay  of the Arena Football League is lead his team to a 15 and 1 regular season record.  Unfortunatly, the former assistant director of pro scouting for the Jaguars lost in the first round of the playoffs  This is completely unrelated to the Jaguars, but I thought it was interesting.  If anyone knows when he was with the Jags, I'd like to know more.
  • Our Fantasy Guru over at Fake Teams put together his list of backup quarterbacks worth watching.  Of course, David Garrard is on the list.  I like his optimism though, maybe David CAN have a good season  if he's given the chance.
  • Did you know the Indianapolis Colts had the highest payroll in the NFL with $131,189,741.00.  Jacksonville, for the record, was 19th at a respectable $97.7 million.  
  • Speaking of salaries, the USA Today has a fantastic resource for comparing pay across the league.  Try it out here  Some fun facts: Our median salary is $720,000.00, John Henderson is the second best paid DT in the league, Marcus Stroud the 7th (which is funny, considering that Stroud gets all the attention.
  •'s Dr. Z gave a nice little compliment to Coach Del Rio, putting him in his top defensive minds list.
It's the quiet time, so there's not much else being said out there.