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It's Preseason Football Time!!!

Hey Guys!

I bet you diddn't know this, but we've got a GAME TOMORROW!!!

Yes, after months and months of waiting we finally get to see our new offense take the field against the Miami Dolphins!

It's only the first game, so don't expect to see the whole playbook or the starters for any extended period of time, but there are a few key things to watch for!

  • That we don't get hurt:  As Jagnation says, we can't afford to have any injuries.  If we leave Miami with our roster intact, that's a victory in and of itself!  I can't emphasize this enough, no matter how our wide receivers look, no matter how many times Byron makes a bad throw, the most important thing for any preseason game is to merely survive it without serious injury.
  •  Tight Ends: Marcades Lewis and Jermaine Wiggins are locks, but who's gonna be the number 3 and possibly 4th TE's on the roster?  Greg Estandia has looked promising, George Wrightster was great last season but has struggled with injuries so far in camp.  Isaac Smolko and Richard Angulo are long shots, but who knows, sometimes being on TV and under the lights can bring out the best in a new player.
  • Safeties: Everyone knows that Reggie Nelson has the free safety spot locked up, but that doesn't mean that we've got everything set in the deep secondary.  Josh Gattis is going to have to show that he's a future replacement for Darius behind Gerald Sensabaugh and the performance of Jamaal Fudge/Chad Nkang needs to stand out.  Especially Fudge and Nkang, they're fighting for their careers right now.  I liked that we kept Fudge last year not only because of his name, but because it's a nice feel good story.  But every year is a new season, so he's gotta stand out.
  • Tim Couch: Does he make the team as the number 3 QB? Byron and David are only getting about 15 plays each, the rest is the battle for third string.  
I hate watching pre-season football though.  Not because the starters don't play enough, but because the announcers make it impossible to know who's playing at any given time and how much time each player gets.  Not to mention that watching the safeties is impossible because of the "quarterback centric" camera.  And of course, all they'll talk about is Byron Leftwich, Wide Receivers, and "fragile Fred".  I'll be scouring the intertubes for a webcast of the radio broadcast and keep the TV on mute...

Enjoy the game!