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Jacksonville Jaguars 2007 Madden Ratings

This has nothing to do with the game against Miami but everything to do with the Jaguars.  You see, Tuesday is "Madden Day" where thousands of NFL fans begin to fill their heads with how the 2007 will play out through the 0's and 1's of computer simulations.

Personally, I enjoy the game, particularly the "franchise mode", where I attempt to prove Jacksonville's dominance through shrewd moves.  But I'll be the first to admit that I'm not much of a "sticks guy".  I'm not particularly good at catching passes or anything beyond basic running moves, yet I still love playing.

That being said, the most frustrating thing about Madden in my opinion is the downright shitty way they evaluate talent and player ratings.  In most cases, it's as though they spend 15 seconds estimating who's gonna be on the roster and how to rate them.  The Jaguars 2007 roster reflects that.   The Wide Receivers are wacky, Byron is underwhelming, and I don't think they even considered our linebackers.

That being said, here are the ratings.

Byron Leftwich: 82
David Garrard: 81
Quinn Gray: 72

Wide Receivers
Reggie Williams:78
Ernest Wilford: 77
Matt Jones: 77
Dennis Northcutt: 74
Mike Walker: 74

Running Backs
Maurice Jones-Drew: 89
Fred Taylor: 89
LaBrandon Toefield: 75   
Alvin Pearman: 74

Full Backs
Greg Jones: 85
Derrick Wimbush: 67

Tight Ends
Jermaine Wiggins: 82
George Wrighster: 82
Marcades Lewis: 79

Offensive Line
LG Vince Manuwai: 92
RG Chris Naeole: 91
C Brad Meester: 90
LT Khalif Barnes: 87
LT Maurice Williams: 84
RG Stockar McDougle: 84
RT Tony Pashos: 83
LG Dennis Norman: 66
RT Richard Collier: 64
C Dan Connolly: 63

Defensive Line
DT John Henderson: 95
DT Marcus Stroud: 94
RE Reggie Hayward: 88
RE Bobby McCray: 82
LE Paul Spicer: 80
DT Rob Meier: 79
DT Derek Landri: 70
LE Jeremy Mincey: 69

 MLB Mike Peterson: 92
LOLB Daryl Smith:88
ROLB Nick Grisen: 77
LOLB Clint Ingram: 76
ROLB Justin Durant: 70
MLB Tony Gilbert: 64
ROLB Pat Thomas: 64
LOLB Jorge Cordova: 65

Rashean Mathis: 97
Brian Williams: 86
Terry Cousin: 68
Scott Starks: 67
Dee Webb: 67

FS Reggie Nelson: 82 (93 speed, 95 agility, 96 acceleration, 92 Jumping)
SS Gerald Sensabaugh: 78
FS Josh Gattis: 73
SS Kevin McCadam: Kevin McCadam

Josh Scobee: 86
Adam Podlesh: 79