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Monday Morning Maddness.

Trent Green get’s whacked!

Monday Morning Maddness:

I'm really looking forward to actually breaking down the Sunday game on Mondays.  Sadly, due to my geographic location, I've still yet to actually watch the game against Miami.  I couldn't watch it at 2am on the NFL Network last night because, quite frankly, going to work at six am makes that pretty much impossible.

That being said, I did listen to the streaming webcast, so I've got an idea of what happened, who helped earn a spot and who's in trouble.

  • Wide Receivers: Mike Walker played with a very painful dislocated finger and made some fantastic catches.  I like people who play hurt and Mike sounded good.  Second Day pick John Broussard is showing a mix of speed and soft hands and it looks like he could make the team.  I'm OK with that, I like rookies that haven't been tainted by other teams systems or become journeymen.  Matt Jones was both good and bad, dropping passes, but making big moves after the catch.  I saw that he was used in the slot a bit to create a mismatch, which I like.
  • Speaking of mismatches, there is something fans should know about the preseason.  The Coaches don't exactly game plan for them.  They'll get exposed on defenses because of mismatches that they don't plan for.  So when players on offense do things like put Matt Jones against a linebacker or other crazy things, the defense isn't going to be prepared to do anything about it, so you can't read too much into that.  
  • One catch, 29 yards.  Bye Bye Reggie Williams.
  • Marcades Lewis is looking like more and more of a solid run blocker.  I can't tell you enough how happy that makes me.  Call me old fashioned, but I really like TE's that can block.
  • Offensive line needs to step up though, seems like Byron got hit two too many times, no better way to regress our offense than by bad pass protection.  Step it up guys...
  • Our Defense will be the best in the league.  As long as the injury bug stays away, we will be the fastest defense out there and I'd be disappointed if we don't have the least yards allowed on the ground and in the air.  
  • The only injury of note was that Clint Ingram who sprained his ankle.  We'll know more about the extent of the injury after today's press conference.
  • Trent Green looked like an absolute turd.  I think he's not worth the conditional 5th round pick.  It's going to be a very very long season in South Florida.
  • Pat Kirwan thinks the Jags are playoff bound  I'm gonna keep track of when pundits come around on the Jaguars.  
That's all for now!