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Jacksonville Signs Sammy Knight

Sammy Knight: Newest Jaguar

Jacksonville signs Free-Agent Safety Sammy Knight.

Despite what PFT says says, this signing is not about Reggie Nelson's ability.  Rather, it's about the ability of a rookie to step in and understand the leadership role required of a safety in the Jaguars system.  I expected the Jaguars to pick someone up during training camp to fill in the role of "experienced mentor". Len Pasquarelli says that Sammy expects to be the number 3 safety.  

I like the signing.  Sammy was a bit of a ballhawk for the Chiefs, a role that we're expecting Reggie Nelson to fill.  If he gets to learn from someone that understands the role, that's fine by me.

In his last year with the Chiefs, Sammy had 83 tackles, 2 sacks, one interception and 3 passes defended.  He signed a one year contract worth $820,000 this season.  He was released by the Chiefs because they diddn't want to pay his 2 million dollar salary.

Some of you  might be saying "why diddn't we keep the Veteran Safety we had?" about Donovin Darius, and I might agree to an extent.  But I like what Sammy brings to the table, he sounds like a solid player looking to mount up with a winning team.  This signing is one of those "sounds like a winner" moments for the team.

People who are smarter than me say he's:

Knight is smart, instinctive and experienced. He effectively communicates calls in the secondary and gets teammates lined up. He has good recognition skills against the run and pass. He still has enough quickness, speed and agility to run the alleys and attack downhill. He anticipates well and can find the ball. He has good sideline chase and lateral pursuit. He is a tough insert player and a good open-field tackler. He anticipates pass routes, understands concepts and has good pattern recognition.

Sounds like exactly the kind of guy you want behind your younger players.

Kevin McCadam was released today to make room for Sammy. Kevin was to be our 4th safety according to Madden 2008. That's about all I know about him.