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Game Time: Jacksonville Jaguars v. Tampa Bay

It's hard to believe but we've finally reached the halfway mark of the pre-season!  I know it's been such a long time since that snowy day in Kansas City where our season ended and the dreaded off season began, but we're rounding the bend and are periously close to knowing exactly what our team will look at.  

Rather than spend any time looking at the "match up" this evening, I'd like to draw your attention to another writer who really understands Tampa Bay.  If you're a fan of Florida sports or just want to know what's happening in the city by the bay, stop by and visit Buc Em.  It's worth the visit.

Allright, here's some rapid fire thoughts about the Jags and the NFL.  Items are in no particular order and should not be confused for any sort of "quickie" (No offense Dan.

  • Just like last week, I'm considering our number one priority to leave the game healthy.  No injuries allowed.  I'd rather get blown out at home by the Bucs than lose anyone to injury in these meaningless contests.
  • On offense, it's the same ole thing, watch the wide receivers and watch the offensive line in pass protection. Khalif Barnes spoke for the Offensive Line saying that they would step up and be just fine in the regular season.  I'm actually a bit worried about our running game with all the focus on the passing game.  This prediction will be lost in the shuffle with all the excitement of the regular season, but I wouldn't be surprised if it took a couple of games for our running attack to get in synch.  Our O-line is spending so much time in pass protection mode that I worry that they can't drive forward and open lanes with so much emphasis on going backwards.  Brendon at MVN is right when he says that Tony Pashos was a disappointment last week.  I'll be watching him closely.
  • That being said, and referring back to my first point, there's no need to risk injury by having Fred Taylor and Jones-Drew out there for any longer than they have to.  I'm OK with the rest of the offense getting lots of reps, but not our running backs.  Besides, Montell Owens, D.D. Terry, LaBrandon Toefield and Alvin Pearman have a pretty tough battle for the backup slots.
  • I'm hoping to see Reggie Williams make more than one catch.  If he's involved tonight, it's a sign he's not on his way out, but I'm still convinced that he'll be cut from the team.
  • All the attention on the Safeties has made me forget about the talent we have at corner back.  Dee Webb looks like he's dropping down the roster and Bruce Thorton looked pretty good.
  • Not Jaguars related, but I think that Miami and Kansas City are going to have very long seasons.  Last night I came to the conclusion that Herm Edwards is the perfect coach if you're going to build a young roster, but he's not the guy you want with a "closing window".  I think the Chiefs need to blow it up and rebuild, and the first step (sadly) would have been letting Tony Gonzalez be a free agent, rather than the massive contract he received.  Miami is going to struggle, I'm not sure where I'd start with that team.
  • Adrian Peterson is going to be fantastic.  
  • Chad Pennington looked Awful.  I'm always happy to root for any team that can knock the Patriots off their throne and I was really hoping it'd be the Jets.  But I don't think Chad is the answer to Boston Ego...
  • In the SB Nation fantasy football league, I drew the first pick.  I'm thinking it's going to be LT, but if you have any suggestions, let me know.
  • Ok, so I hated on the Patriots a bit.  But I'll give them credit for making Vince Young look like a reject.  Don Banks seems like he's come around about Vince.  Welcome to the club.  The Titans are going to have a really long season.  I hope Vince survives it.
  • Game time is at 7:30.  If you're going to the game...damn I'm jealous.