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Big Cat Country turns 1!

Happy Anniversary

Yes folks, today is the one year anniversary of Big Cat Country!   Actually, it was on Saturday, but specifics aside, today we're a year old.

In the spirit of this, let me give out a few thanks and gratitude's.

First off, this site would not exist if it were not for Big Blue Shoe.  I was a mere commenter over in his neck of the woods and he was the one who suggested that I get my own turf.  Now, I'm assuming it was because he was tired of me filling his Colts paradise with Jaguars nonsense, but whatever.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to do this blog, and without BBS, it'd never have happened.

Of course, the biggest reason of why I'm here is because my parents are ridiculous football fans.  They had my crib done in fantastic NFL sheets, and continued to surround me in football all through my youth.  And of course, back in the early 90's, they bought in on Jacksonville having a football team and bought 4 years of season tickets before we were awarded the team.  So thanks guys, I appreciate it.

Also, a big thanks to everyone in SB Nation You guys have answered my stupid questions, allowed me to "borrow" html code, and be far better than I ever would have been on my own.  Special thanks to Brian at Buffalo Rumblings for letting me run ideas by him at bizarre times via AIM.

And don't think for a second that I forgot about YOU.  The readers.  Would I like it if more people registered, commented, and wrote stories?  Absoultely!  But I'm thankful for anyone who takes a few minutes out of their busy day to read my meanderings about the Jags.

So here's to the last year, and here's to the next one!  

And thank you!