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Mike Vick Dogfighting and USC...A connection?

This story is breaking over at Bruins Nation

The dogfighting in the NFL might be deeper than we think (hope).  The SB Nation UCLA blog is reporting  that USC Running Back Coach Todd McNair was arrested for Dog Fighting charges in 1996.

Now I'm not saying that the guys were connected per se, but that the culture of dogfighting in professional and college football might be a little more common than we think.

The reality is that the players that we follow so closely have far darker pasts than we think.  NFL Security ought to get it's ass in gear before a fringe thing like the Vick Scandal get's out of hand.

What happens if Vick names a bunch of players that were hanging out with him during these fights?  What if he shows that they bet on the fights?  

Are we all so silly as to think that Vick wouldnt include a single team mate in this whole thing?

Bruins Nation is showing that this could be a far deeper story than we'd care to mention.  I hope it doesn't turn to McCarthyism, but man they should ban everyone who's tainted by it.

I won't stand to ssee the NFL destroyed by dogfighting, we're better than that!


(Slightly Drunk)