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Jaguars Friday Night Scrimmage/ Training Camp Reports!


I'm writing this from the Yearly Kos convention in the very amusing city of Chicago.

So here's some rapid fire thoughts about camp.

  • Losing Brad Meester for the first few weeks of the season will not effect anything.  We've got some depth on the Offensive Line, and I'd like to see how Dennis Norman holds up at the spot.  This is one of those classic "jar on the shelf" situations where a developing talent gets a chance to shine for a bit.  I'm way OK with having too much talent on the offensive line.
  • I'm told that Mike Walker is the real deal at wide receiver.  In fact, I've heard that he's blown away the coaches and really ratched up the pressure on Matt Jones.  Speaking of Matt Jones, if you're reading this, you should do that thing where you catch the balls and do the blocking, otherwise you're done.  
  • Remember during mini-camp when Charles Sharon looked fantastic?  The poor kid just suffered a major setback as he took a concussion  There are eight guys fighting for 5 spots, even though he's a hard worker, missing any time during camp is going to hurt his chances of making the team.
  • Here's a guess at the WR Depth Chart. 1. Mike Walker, 2. Reggie Williams, 3. Dennis Northcutt, 4. Ernest Wilford, 5. John Broussard.  Yeah, I'm that out on Matt Jones that I'm thinking he won't make the team.  I'll be horribly wrong, but it's a nice idea.  Quite frankly, if he's not in the top three of the depth chart we should cut him anyway,  and continue working with talent that actually seems to care.
  • There is a scrimmage tonight and if you're in the J-ville area, you should go.  It's always a good time.  I predict that the defense kicks the offense's ass.
  • At this scrimmage, look to see Byron show off the new offense.  I'm hoping someone in town can let me know how it looks.  I'm expecting a lot of action to the tight ends, and of course the mysterious "deep threat" that we've been lacking for years.
That's all for now!