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Marcus Stroud: Still Awesome

I hope to see a lot of this out of Marcus Stroud

One of the biggest concerns going into this season on the defensive side of the ball is the health and condition of the defensive line.  One key is the ankle on Marcus Stroud.  He had microfracture surgery in January, and missed way too many games last season.  Now, we've got Big John Henderson next to him, and Paul Spicer can fill in as well, but nothing says "run stuffing" like Stroud and Henderson.  

So I'm dying for news that Marcus is back on his A-game.

I just stumbled upon a fantastic piece of news out of Jack Del Rio's most recent press conference.  He was asked about the health of Marcus Stroud.

Check this out:

"(Marcus) Stroud, talk about guys who are back. I don't know who many of you were paying attention when he jumped over the line and blocked the field goal, but a tremendous effort, a tremendous physical specimen for him to have 300-plus pounds, to be athletic enough to jump over somebody, maintain his balance and block the kick. A pretty special effort. Glad to see that from Marcus. I know he and Big John (Henderson) are really having great camps right now for us. Along with Reggie Hayward and them coming back, it's really been a lift and you can see because of them we're going to be a real solid unit again."

Yeah, that's pretty good news.  I'm always impressed when 310lb players block field goals.  

Marcus himself says:

"Some days are better than others," Stroud said. "As far as my ankles and everything, I feel fine. It's just a matter of getting back there and shaking this rust off to get back into football form."

Well there you go, a good sign going into the scrimmage tonight.