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Peter King Filler! Jaguars in top 500

Jaguars Players in Peter King's top 500

1-46: NONE.  I'd like to keep this from turning into a Peter King hate fest, but whatever intern came up with this might have at least asked around before submitting this.  Mathis, Henderson or Stroud are certainly worthy of consideration in the NFL's top 50, and not at the bottom either...

  1. Rashean Mathis CB, Jaguars "Toughest cover guy Manning faces"
  2. John Henderson DT, Jaguars "325 Immovable pounds"
  3. Maurice Jones Drew RB, Jaguars "What a sick '06: 244 touches, 16 TDs"
  4. Marcus Stroud DT, Jaguars "Defense suffered when he was hurt"
  5. Mike Peterson LB, Jaguars "Another Dungy-developed star"
  6. Daryl Smith LB, Jaguars "88 tackles, six passes broken up"
  7. Chris Naeole G, Jaguars "Rock Solid Del Rio kind of drive-blocker"
  8. Bobby McCray DE, Jaguars "10 sacks for top five NFL defense"
  9. Byron Leftwich QB, Jaguars "Must win back Jack Del Rio's trust"
  10. Reggie Hayward DE, Jaguars "Returns from major '06 knee surgery"
  11. Tony Pashos T, Jaguars "Great value in 2007 free agency"
  12. Fred Taylor RB, Jaguars "Could gain 1,500 if he didn't split time"
  13. Vince Manuwai G, Jaguars "Can't be more anonymous than a Jax guard"
  14. Brad Meester C, Jaguars
  15. Matt Jones WR, Jaguars
  16. Paul Spicer DE, Jaguars
  17. Khalif Barnes T, Jaguars
  18. Reggie Nelson FS, Jaguars
This list, all 500 of em, are filler.  This is simply the pressure to produce content that seems authoritative and deep, but are in fact arbitrary and irrelevant.  It's the player version of power rankings, fun to discuss but completely worthless in reality.

If you're wanting to read something of substance that's surprisingly good from the worldwide leader , I recommend that you read Mysteries of the Playbook.  They have .pdf pages of the Arizona Cardinals playbook, and to an "x's and o's" guy like me, it's a goldmine.  I'd give up a kidney or a spleen (no offense Simms) to flip through a NFL playbook.  So if you're on a coaching staff out there and reading this, hook me up.  I won't say a word about it, I just want to look!

Former First Round pick Chris Claiborne was recently signed by the Jaguars.  Former first round pick Chris Claiborne was recently waived by the Jaguars

Game Preview for tonight is forthcoming!