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Training Camp Maddness! Tuesday edition

Training Camp Maddness!  Tuesday edition

This is certainly not Jaguars related, but it's important for us to realize that Booger McFarland is out for the season with a knee injury.  Booger was one of the moves that strengthened the Colt's defense for their run in the playoffs and a big reason why they did what they did last season.

That being said, I'd be quite worried about the Colt's defense next season.  Of all the areas where they could not afford an injury, Defensive Tackle was the big one.  In the Cover 2, cornerbacks are replaceable, but the big guys up front are big time important.  I'm never one to salivate over an injury, regardless of the opponent, but this is something that could prove very important in how the AFC South shapes up.

Of course, Vic Ketchman puts it in more realistic terms:

Is it really that big of a deal? I mean, what are the Jaguars going to do now, rush for 376 yards?

More news and notes!

  • Adam Podlesh struggled in the scrimmage in his punts.  He recovered in practice on Monday.  Which is a good thing, considering that he was anointed starter only a few days after being drafted.  I've heard some good things about his ability to directional punt, something that we've lacked for nearly our whole existence.
  • Robert Bach, who posts over at seahawks huddle has a pretty darn good look at the Jaguars.  I like what he has to say about our offensive line:
    The Jaguars are so deep at O-Line that there are teams waiting for the cuts to come just to take a look at the players Jacksonville let go.
     He's completely right, btw, I'm sure Kansas City is dying to look at Maurice Williams.
  • Speaking of players that other teams should look out for, if LaBrandon Toefield is released, all other teams should cage fight to get the guy.  It's a shame we probably can't keep him, but he's got high draft pick written all over him.
  • MVN continues their practice by practice "live blog" of sorts.  Read it and feel like you're there.
  • Today, work permitting, I'll be looking at what's shaping up to be the biggest battles of training camp, Outside linebacker and Tight End!