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Jacksonville Jaguars vs Atlanta Falcons: Game Thread

It's game time folks!

Who: The 0-1 Jacksonville Jaguars host the 0-1 Atlanta Falcons.  Vegas and those associated with it put the Jags as 1 point favorites with an over/under  is 34.5.  Read into that what you will, but I'd be willing to bet that Titans bettors did pretty well last week.

In all seriousness, this is a pairing of teams on the verge of desperation and it's only the second week.  Jacksonville needs to show that it's not forgotten how to be an aggressive and nasty defense supplemented by the best rushing attack in the NFL.  It's terrible that we're 1st in Passing Defense and 32nd in Rushing defense.

Atlanta needs a win to prove this is not the rebuilding year that it looks like it could be/should be.  A win here could give Joey the confidence he needs to keep Atlanta in a few mor games.

What's at stake: Momentum.  Jacksonville can catch up with the Titans with a win this week (assuming that the Colts blow up the the Titans), and keep their heads afloat in the AFC South.  A win "resets" the clock and prevents desperate moves.  (Like trying Rashean Mathis at Wide Receiver).  A win for Atlanta re-frames the season away from Vick and toward a new coach building something where we assumed there would be nothing.

When: 1:00, FOX

Where: Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.  Hey, weren't they supposed to have a corporate sponsor for the Stadium by now?  I wonder if I could get Big Cat Stadium?  

How: By Running the ball, making blocks, and keeping Atlanta on their side of the field.  That's how we'll win the game.  Run the ball, stop the run, convert on 3rd downs, and set up the pass with the ground game.  Imagine that, if we do the complete opposite of what we did last Sunday we'll  win.  Atlanta can win if they can spread the field and attack the defensive line.  

Jack, if you're reading this.  Please don't use Mathis as a Wide Receiver.  When we lose our Pro Bowl cornerback to a freak injury while playing Wide Receiver I'll be devastated.  Crushed.  Disappointed.

Ok guys, I'm going to get ready to head to my local sports bar at 11:00 (Stupid Central Time) and blog from there.  If anyone wants to donate some NFL Sunday Ticket, I'd be more than happy to take advantage!

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