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Jaguars v. Falcons: Live Blog!

Here's your thread for on the fly news and commentary!

Update [2007-9-16 15:55:4 by River City Rage]: Game Over! Jaguars Win! Jags Win!!!

Update [2007-9-16 15:52:19 by River City Rage]: No timeouts for the Falcons. 1:35 remaining. Short run by MJD.

Update [2007-9-16 15:48:28 by River City Rage]: I don't think they have enough evidence to overturn the ruling. Nothing indisputable.

Update [2007-9-16 15:45:23 by River City Rage]: That difficult first down should be the end.

Update [2007-9-16 15:44:49 by River City Rage]: Seven Sacks. This punt SHOULD be game over. 1:54 left. Here's another test, can we hold the ball for two min without punting and drive long enough to finish the game. Joey Harrington is not the answer at QB. Atlanta should go get Byron now.

Update [2007-9-16 15:32:28 by River City Rage]: Jaguars are moving the ball well, burning lots of clock (4:40 left), 3rd and 5, in field goal range, short run though. I wish we had shot for the end zone rather than settle for a short run and a field goal. Jags need a touchdown, 3 points dosent give us enough room for comfort.

Update [2007-9-16 15:25:29 by River City Rage]: Jones-Drew gets the yard and then some. Good blocking by the line!

Update [2007-9-16 15:24:51 by River City Rage]: It's 4th and 1, and I'm OK with a decision to go for it. Scoring another touchdown or at least burning more time off the clock is to our advantage. Putting the ball back in the hands of Joey Manning is not. Let's put some faith in our offense and our ability to get one yard when we need it. If we can't grind out one yard against the Falcons, how can we be expected to do it to a real team?

Update [2007-9-16 15:10:7 by River City Rage]: John Abraham is very fast. Reggie Williams is dancing, but for all the right reasons. Jacksonville is up 10-7, start of the 4th quarter.

Update [2007-9-16 14:55:6 by River City Rage]: If you didn't know anything, you'd think that he was a real quarterback.

Update [2007-9-16 14:47:30 by River City Rage]: How did John Abraham keep up with Maurice Jones Drew? How do we keep dropping balls?

Update [2007-9-16 14:45:29 by River City Rage]: Can you imagine that? Matt Jones dropped a pass? Huh...

Update [2007-9-16 14:41:13 by River City Rage]:Pass, Pass, Pass. Interesting way to open up the half. They've been passing to the left side of the field over and over. Must be something about that De'Angelo Hall fellow that has them avoiding him. Matt Jones made a very lazy attempt at a catch...

Update [2007-9-16 14:33:36 by River City Rage]: Halftime: Defense is bending and getting hurt, that's unsettling. Still no real signs of life on the offense. Marcades Lewis and Reggie Williams have made a few catches, Fred Taylor has 53 yards, but nothing of note. Jacksonville has only converted 1 of 6 3rd downs. Plenty of things to improve upon. Lets hope John Henderson can come out and play.

Update [2007-9-16 14:22:38 by River City Rage]: Atlanta scores. Defense is struggling a little bit. Also, the Jaguars radio crew is bashing Matt Jones for his lack of urgency. No Henderson is starting to hurt us.

Update [2007-9-16 14:0:15 by River City Rage]: Sensabaugh is out with a strained shoulder. Our safeties are limited to Reggie Nelson, Sammy Knight and Chad Nkang. Possible Brian Williams sighting at Safety perhaps?

Update [2007-9-16 13:52:45 by River City Rage]: Intentional Grounding by Garrard. 3rd and 23.

Update [2007-9-16 13:39:24 by River City Rage]: Jags go up 3-0 with a 35 yard field goal.

Update [2007-9-16 13:37:27 by River City Rage]: John Henderson took a blow to the head and is questionable to return. We need a long offensive drive and a touchdown. Give him plenty of time to recover.

Update [2007-9-16 13:35:16 by River City Rage]: Not to distract, but did you see that clip of Jaxon DeVille bungee jumping off the lights at 'The Jack"? That's intense. Almost as intense as the emergence of Marcades Lewis in our offense. More to come on that later!

Update [2007-9-16 13:33:24 by River City Rage]: Look at that. Reggie Williams made a big catch across the middle, keeps the drive alive. And then Wrightster makes a big play to follow it up. Ok, the Defense gets a better break than I hoped. Also, it's against NFL Rules to put an awning over a bench, but if it's Hand Held, its OK. So the Jags have trainers holding the awning over their bench.

Update [2007-9-16 13:30:46 by River City Rage]:This is one of those drives that needs to last longer than three plays. Our defense is doing their job, but they need to get a breather. 2nd and 18 is not a good way to do that!

Update [2007-9-16 13:19:44 by River City Rage]: It's early, but I'm seeing the swarming nasty defense that I remember so well from last season. I hope this is a sign of things to come.

Update [2007-9-16 13:17:27 by River City Rage]: Gerald Sensabaugh is out at SS and Sammy Knight is in.

Update [2007-9-16 13:14:40 by River City Rage]: Stupid spking the ball penalty, I hate that stuff. The rule is hard to justify, especially in a context like that. Still, I hate stupid mistakes that lead to p unts.

Update [2007-9-16 13:7:16 by River City Rage]: Peterson with the sack! Good blitz! Overloaded the right side with Justin and Peterson getting penetration! That's the defense I like to see!

Update [2007-9-16 13:5:52 by River City Rage]:Henderson with a sack. Good stuff, good pressure. Joey still likes to hold onto the ball a bit too long

Update [2007-9-16 13:1:38 by River City Rage]:Game Time! 124 degrees on the field heat index.

Update [2007-9-16 12:43:35 by River City Rage]: Only 20 more min! Have I told you yet that I'm going to two games this season? Jacksonville at Kansas City and Indy at Jacksonville on Monday Night Football. Yes, your humble narrator finally gets to return to Jacksonville for a game!

Update [2007-9-16 12:25:16 by River City Rage]: It's 88 degrees in Jacksonville.

Update [2007-9-16 12:24:10 by River City Rage]: For the sake of disclosure, here are my picks for the week: Jax, Car, GB, Cincy, Burgh, STL, NO, Seattle, Indy, Min, Dallas, Ravens, Bears, Broncos, Chargers, Philly. Also, Reggie Nelson and Justin Durant will start today. Good to see our Rookies out there!

Update [2007-9-16 12:14:48 by River City Rage]: Our friend Vic at the Live Blog is concerned about the heat and our Defensive Line. I agree with this concern. I hope we get to see some Derek Landri though, that could be a bright side to the heat and injuries.

[editor's note, by River City Rage] Jaguars Inactives: Josh Scobee, LaBrandon Toefield, Aaron Glenn, Clint Ingram, Brad Meester, Richard Collier, Kenny Pettway and Tony McDaniel.

Atlanta's Inactives are: Casey Bramlet, Laurent Robinson, Chris Crocker, D'Anthony Batiste, Rod Coleman, Quinn Ojinnaka, Tyson Clabo and Josh Mallard.