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Byron Leftwich: Atlanta Bound? UPDATE: SIGNED

Update [2007-9-18 15:31:6 by River City Rage]: NFL Network is reporting that Byron Leftwich has signed a two year contract with the Falcons. Terms are unknown. I'd guess the over under on weeks until he starts is 3.5. I'll take the under. Good Luck Byron! From the department of obvious signings.

Byron Leftwich takes a physical with the Falcons today.  I can't imagine why they'd need a quarterback after we made him look so good last week, but whatever.  I think he'll be a great fit in Atlanta, especially since we won't see him in Jacksonville for a long long time.  Unless we get a Jaguars/Falcons Super Bowl.  That'd be one heck of a storyline.  

To mark this occasion, I officially retire as your news source for Byron Leftwich.  From now on, assuming that Byron signs with Atlanta, you should refer to The Falcoholic.  

Good luck and Happy Trails Byron!