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Five Questions with Mile High Report!

Recently I threw a few questions at the greatest Denver Broncos Blogger in the land.  The Sports Guru at Mile  High Report is only a little bit bitter about what Mark Brunell and Natron Means did to them a few years ago, and he runs a fantastic site!  Please check him out pay your respects!

River City Rage: Here in Jacksonville, we've always gotta know what's going on with other teams quarterbacks.  Tell me how Jay Cutler is doing this year over last year, and where you see him going as the season progresses?

Mile High Report: Cutler has proved he not only has what it takes to play in this league, but to play at a high level.  In his 7 career starts, Cutler has led late game drives to either win or tie the game in 5 of them.  He can make all the throws, and has tremendous instincts.  He is, however, a young quarterback and plays like one at times.  He needs to learn to throw the ball away at times to live another day instead of taking a sack or forcing a throw into coverage.  Shanny has refused to put the clamps on Cutler, however, because he knows the kid will make a lot more plays then he'll miss and he knows he has an elite talent.  It is just a matter of time before Cutler knows it.  What is most impressive about Cutler is how quickly he has earned the respect of his teammates, who voted him a team captain this season.  He loves football, on and off the field, and has a Peyton Manning-like approach to his preparation.  The sky is the limit for Jay, no doubt.

River City Rage: What should a Jaguar fan know about the Defense.  We all know Champ Bailey and John Lynch, but we're probably less familiar with the linebackers and defensive linemen.  Who should we watch out for that we haven't heard of?

Mile High Report: The big move was the release of team-leader Al Wilson.  Playing MLB, Wilson was often over-shadowed in the media by guys like Ray Lewis, but all the proof you need is the 3 Pro Bowls Wilson was voted to start.  D.J. Williams made the switch inside, and so far the results have been promising.  On the D-Line, the Broncos completely over-hauled their unit, dispatching of most of the former Cleveland Browns that littered the roster, infusing youth in the draft - Jarvis Moss, Time Crowder and Marcus Thomas - as well as veteran leadership - Simeon Rice and Sam Adams.  The unit is still a work in progress up front, and if the Jags are going to have success it will be in the run-game.  Obviously Champ Bailey is the best in the biz, but Dre Bly has given the Broncos a solid #2 across the field.  The Broncos come in giving up only 62.5 yards through the air so it would be in the Jags best interest to give the ball early and often to Fred Taylor and M.J. Drew.

River City Rage: Who is the next random player to be a thousand yard rusher?  Selvin Young?

Mile High Report: There is no doubt that Young has the talent, but the big horse in the Denver stable is Travis Henry, who is leading the league in rushing.  Henry fits what the Broncos do perfectly and has a knack for getting stronger as the game goes on.  If Henry can stay healthy he'll approach 1500 yards and be in the Top-3 in rushing.  He hasn't found the end-zone, but if he continues to put up the numbers  the TD's will come.  As for Young, he surprised many by merely making the team, but I was very high on him coming out of Texas.  He runs hard, is extremely physical, and has a lot of speed, and deadly combination for the running back to have.  If Henry does go down, and his recent history projects he'll miss a game or two, the Broncos are in good hands with Young.

River City Rage: Why does Mike Shanahan hate Fantasy Football?  While we're on the subject of your coach, do you know what Tanning Beds he recommends in Denver?

Mile High Report: Come on, that golden color comes from the reflection of those two Lombardi Trophies that sit in his office.  J  Seriously, I think Shanny thinks that FF creates undo pressure on his players, and I tend to agree.  We have become so addicted to stats, yards, and TD's, and points, etc. that sometimes we forget that in real life all that matters is winning or losing.  By rule I don't usually select any Broncos for my fantasy team because Shanny isn't locked in to giving the ball to a certain back, or throwing to a certain receiver in the red zone.  That's all fine with me as long as the Broncos continue to win.

River City Rage: How have your draft picks fared so far this season?

Mile High Report: Have to give the class an I for Incomplete so far.  Only Jarvis Moss and Marcus Thomas have seen real game action and Moss has shown he has an incredible motor and athletic ability.  He is raw as a pass-rusher, however, which has made the acquisition of Simeon Rice such a positive for the Broncos.  The same can be said for Marcus Thomas, who is an amazing athlete for someone his size(6-4, 325).  He was doing back-flips during Training Camp, much to the amazement of fans and media-types alike, and even intercepted a pass last week against the Raiders.  The Broncos other two picks have missed a lot of time with injuries - DE Tim Crowder has a high-ankle sprain but figures to see his first action this weekend, while OT Ryan Harris, a 4-year starter at Notre Dame, has had some back issues.

Thank you Sports Guru for your time!

Alright guys, tomorrow I'll have my official game preview.  Please visit Mile High Report and read my Answers for him and make fun of me for giving him the wrong predicted score.  I'm thinking 17-14 on a last second field goal, but I typed 17-13, which requires a 4 point field goal.  Please make fun of me.