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Jaguars v. Broncos: Live Blog


Date: Sunday, September 23, 2007

Time: 4:05 p.m. ET

Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) at Denver Broncos (2-0)

Location: Invesco Field @ Mile High -- Denver, CO

Weather Forcast: 78 degrees, Isolated T-Storms, 30% chance of rain

We're at game time folks! Here are your Jaguars Inactives!

DT John Henderson

K Josh Scobee

RB LaBrandon Toefield

LB Clint Ingram

C Brad Meester

OT Richard Collier

DE Kenny Petway

Matt Jones is listed as the "Third Quarterback", which according to NFL Rules, means that if he's on the field before the 4th quarter, David and Quinn can't be used. So it's like being inactive, except that you have to dress and hold a clipboard and know that under no legitimate circumstance you will take the field.

I bet all the Arkansas fans are hoping for quaterback catastrophe!

Enjoy the Game, join in on the live blog!

Update [2007-9-23 16:8:11 by River City Rage]:Look at that, we converted a 3rd down!

Update [2007-9-23 16:10:53 by River City Rage]: Podlish Punt, we know what that could mean...

Update [2007-9-23 16:20:5 by River City Rage]: Denver goes 3 and out, thanks to some penalties. I hate seeing John Henderson standing on the sidelines...

Update [2007-9-23 16:25:23 by River City Rage]: Two bootlegs by Garrard, both for decent yards. Thanks CBS for reminding me that Fred Taylor avg's 42 yards per game against the Broncos

Update [2007-9-23 16:28:54 by River City Rage]:Our running game should be able to get this...inches are ours!

Update [2007-9-23 16:34:18 by River City Rage]:Jones-Drew gets a great 1st down, going one on one with John Lynch in the process. This drive has taken at least 10 min off the clock, and might have been one of the fastest quarters ever.

Update [2007-9-23 16:36:57 by River City Rage]: Estandia has made two motion mistakes in the last few min. He's missed practice with illness, but he looks unprepared.

Update [2007-9-23 16:38:47 by River City Rage]:What? We bitched Denver with 12 men on the field...and we're not getting the TD? Ok, mistakes resolved, we get the TD. Great throw by Garrard under pressure to Reggie Williams!

Update [2007-9-23 16:47:9 by River City Rage]:Hmmnn, blown coverage by Reggie Nelson? Don't let guys behind you.

Update [2007-9-23 16:49:35 by River City Rage]: Aside: Will Dan Marino get all pissed off today when people talk about his record getting broken? Also, we should have stopped them on that 3rd and 4. I'd like to see a little more aggression out of our defensive play calling.

Update [2007-9-23 16:51:21 by River City Rage]: Be careful what you wish for. We get the blitz call and what happens? Tackle people, wrap em up and get em down.

Update [2007-9-23 16:53:52 by River City Rage]:I'm dropping Reggie Nelson's stock a bit. We had Denver under total control, but a huge pass play allowed by Nelson and a missed tackle on the next one gave em life. We need a morale killing long drive to get our edge back.

Update [2007-9-23 16:59:27 by River City Rage]: 3rd and Short. Khalif Barnes is down with an Injury. That would be unpleasant news if he's seriously hurt. Combine that with how important this 3rd down conversion is and you have a "team character" moment where we decide what sort of a team we are...

Update [2007-9-23 17:3:37 by River City Rage]: I can only imagine the hell our receivers must be going through, considering how long David is having to find the open receiver. Now we're on 3rd and 10 DENNIS NORTHCUTT HAS IT! Great Pass! OMG A JAGS WR CAUGHT THE BALL!!!

Update [2007-9-23 17:6:49 by River City Rage]:1st and Goal at the 4 yard line. Time to dictate the game and pound out 7 points. The Jaguars offensive line is dominating. No update on Barnes yet.

Update [2007-9-23 17:9:19 by River City Rage]:TOUCHDOWN GREG JONES! Great play, great blocking, good use of our ull back. I wish we had burnt more clock, but we're playing Jaguars football again, so I'm OK with it.

Update [2007-9-23 17:10:19 by River City Rage]: Barnes has a sprained right Ankle and will return, John Lynch has a groin injury and is questionable.

Update [2007-9-23 17:13:9 by River City Rage]: Mathis forces a fumble and Stroud gets it. It'd be great if we could get 3 more points out of this half. 100 yards rushing for the Jags, 17 for the Broncos.

Update [2007-9-23 17:15:13 by River City Rage]: Actually, 7 points would be better. We've got the time outs and the clock to take a shot before attempting the field goal.

Update [2007-9-23 17:19:23 by River City Rage]: What the hell just happened? Why did David Spike the ball? Why did Jack tell David to spike the ball? We had a great shot to get 7, now we get 3? Why do we make mistakes like this? If we lose by 4 I'm going to cry. Thank god we made the kick. When you have the edge, don't give up stupid points like that...