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Jaguars v. Broncos: Second Half Game Blog

Other thread is getting long, here's a new one.  It looks like Jack Del Rio is to blame for the botched call.  Way to go.  I can just see Stampede Blue giving us crap for weeks.  If we lose this game by that margin, I demand his head.

HALFTIME David Garrard Stat Line: 10 of 14 for 91 yards, a touchdown, no interceptions and a 112.5 passer rating.

TOP: Over twenty min. Minus the little screw up at the end there, a very good first half of football. Now that we've got the lead, we need to force some 3 and out's, get our offense on the field and grind away till the clock is gone. Which is not to say that we need to go ultra conservative, just that protecting our lead and eating clock should be our goal.

Third Quarter:

Update [2007-9-23 17:35:3 by River City Rage]: Second Half is about to start. Most of the other teams are just about to end the first half. This game is flying by. Time to keep the pressure up and the clock ticking!

Update [2007-9-23 17:36:17 by River City Rage]:WE GET THE BALL! Great coverage on the kick, great strip, great way to start the half. Time to kick up the grind! (of course, the challenge flag comes out. Mike's gotta throw it, otherwise we get the ball on the Denver 18. I can't see anything conclusive to overturn.

Update [2007-9-23 17:39:2 by River City Rage]:Jaguars keep the ball, more important than that, Denver loses a time out. Which means that Mike might not be able to ice any game winning field goals. Time to score! Or scramble and throw the ball away, whichever works.

Update [2007-9-23 17:40:52 by River City Rage]: Reggie Nelson forced the fumble, so I'll let the stock go up. Jags can't convert the 3rd down, so we kick. I'm OK with that, it's like we're ALMOST even for the bad decision earlier.

Update [2007-9-23 17:50:1 by River City Rage]:I'm giving a presumptive game ball to everyone on special teams. We're dominating because of their hard work. Jamaal Fudge saved us from getting packed on a TD return, MJD Got great blocks, Nelson forcing the fumble. Good teams play complete games on special teams.

Update [2007-9-23 17:50:1 by River City Rage]: There's Marcades! Great play to get the first down and a few more yards! I can't wait till he proves me right.

Update [2007-9-23 17:52:36 by River City Rage]: Ugh, there's a dropped pass. Marcades drops it. David should avoid throws like that.

Update [2007-9-23 17:55:16 by River City Rage]: Uh Oh. Sack, Fumble, loss of ball. Tony Pashos got wrecked by Elvis. This is the opposite of what we wanted to accomplish in the second half. We must force a 3 and out here. I'd guess that Shanahan is going to try and go deep on this next drive.

Update [2007-9-23 17:58:7 by River City Rage]: This Marshall kid is good, Jay is under heavy pressure and Marshall is getting free. We need to stop this here. Hold them to 3 points. Our offense has had identity so far, let's see our defense do the same.

Update [2007-9-23 18:4:20 by River City Rage]: 4th down, Broncos forced to burn a touch down. 1.5 yards to go. I'm no Greg Easterbrook, so I don't know if this is go for it territory or take the 3 points territory. My gut says they should take the points, but they're going for it. NO timeouts remain for denver. They're staking the game on this play. Cutler with the sneak...

Update [2007-9-23 18:5:4 by River City Rage]: Jacksonville doesn't get it. Cutler gets half a yard. Jeff Lagaman is going ape shit on the radio broadcast. I love it!

Update [2007-9-23 18:7:8 by River City Rage]: Time to grind, grind, grind!

Update [2007-9-23 18:8:46 by River City Rage]: 4th down, punting is not grinding. MJD was short by sch a small distance. But no way would I go for it.

Update [2007-9-23 18:11:27 by River City Rage]: Podlesh is only averaging 35 yards per punt, which is not good enough, which is not worth the 4th round pick we spent on him.

Update [2007-9-23 18:13:3 by River City Rage]: Reggie Nelson did a great job getting into that long pass attempt. In unrelated news, Jay Cutler is hard to sack.

Update [2007-9-23 18:13:40 by River City Rage]: 3rd Quarter is over. Moving to 4th quarter live blog.