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Jaguars v. Broncos: 4th Quarter Live Blog!

Here we are folks 20-7, 4th Quarter, Broncos without timeouts, but driving downfield.  Fred Taylor is out for the game with a Thigh Contusion, which should be of no concern for next week.  The game is nowhere near over, we've got to get at least one more score of some sort to even begin to think we have that in hand.

Time to return to the action!

Update [2007-9-23 18:17:51 by River City Rage]: Big 3rd and 4, pass interference, Brandon Stokley with the conversion. Annoying to see a former Colt hurt us. Very Annoying. Drive still alive...

Update [2007-9-23 18:18:59 by River City Rage]: Another first down allowed, 1st and goal. Time for a stand!

Update [2007-9-23 18:20:35 by River City Rage]: Just kidding, they scored right away. Travis Henry, who's done nothing all day, gets in. Momentum is shifting. The best thing we could do right now is eat as much clock as possible on a 7 point scoring drive. If we see Adam Podlish again, we're in trouble.

Update [2007-9-23 18:24:21 by River City Rage]: I'm all about drama. Let's be frank. If Jacksonville can't keep this together on offense, if David can't guide us to victory, and if we can't grind out enough yards to hold onto the ball, then we're not who we thought we were. We must get a touchdown on this drive and eat clock.

Update [2007-9-23 18:26:29 by River City Rage]: Fred Taylor is back in the game. Marcades Lewis makes a great play on 2nd and 7 and gets some good distance. Perfect Play.

Update [2007-9-23 18:28:15 by River City Rage]: Greg Estandia with a great catch. Hmmnn, I wonder if Jack read what I wrote this morning about using our Tight Ends to move the chains. And the Fred with a great gain! Tick Tick Tick Tick...

Update [2007-9-23 18:29:49 by River City Rage]: 3rd and 4. This is a Must Convert.

Update [2007-9-23 18:30:26 by River City Rage]: Garrard with the QB Draw, get's the first down and almost to the 1 yard line!

Update [2007-9-23 18:32:15 by River City Rage]: Pass Interference on the Broncos, 1st and Goal, more time. DANGEROUS throw by David, tisk tisk.

Update [2007-9-23 18:33:9 by River City Rage]:JONES-DREW FUMBLE! Refs say Broncos get it back, 6:09 to play...

Update [2007-9-23 18:35:25 by River City Rage]: Not to sound depressed, but a field goal would have been enough. We need our defense to do their thing.

Update [2007-9-23 18:36:41 by River City Rage]: A sack when we're only rushing 4 people, Reggie Hayward gets a sack on his old team. 3rd and long, Jay is limping, and it is 4th and 5.

Update [2007-9-23 18:38:43 by River City Rage]: Oh God, Daniel Graham with the, no catch...Delay of Game on Graham...Jags get the ball deep in Denverland. Wow, 4th and 5 turns into the worst case situation for the Broncos. MJD gets to the 1 yard line, flags go everywhere...wait no penalty. What a game!

Update [2007-9-23 18:40:37 by River City Rage]: I can't believe we ran that fucking reverse play in a situation like this. Where's the Greg Jones dive play, where's the QB Draw? 4th and Goal

Update [2007-9-23 18:43:30 by River City Rage]: Oh, there was the QB Draw, but it went nowhere. We've spent a long time on the goal line but couldn't drive it in. I'm concerned about all the points we've left on the board, both through screwed up coaching (Spike/Reverse) and in players (a metric ton of short and goal plays). I hope this field goal is enough, considering that the Broncos have 2:13 left, no time outs, and need two scores

Update [2007-9-23 18:46:49 by River City Rage]: Ball on the Denver 25, 2:04 left to play. Jacksonville has 3 timeouts, Broncos have none. Lagaman has it right, we need to hold the borders and make them play on the middle of the field. As far as Denver is concerned, we shouldn't let the clock stop until the game is over.

Update [2007-9-23 18:49:41 by River City Rage]: Sammy Knight with the Interception! Game Over!

Update [2007-9-23 18:51:52 by River City Rage]: I'm glad to see that the Jaguars can call the right plays to end the game, knee's not spikes. Thanks for reading with me today!