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Jacksonville Jaguars Depth Chart

Here it is, your 2007 Jacksonville Jaguars.

Other than the absolutely obvious there are a few things to note about the depth chart.

  • John Broussard made the team.  This probably only happened because Mike Walker was put on Injured Reserve.  Now, I have no problem with Walker being put on IR.  I think the extra time to rehab that knee will be time well spent, especially given all the other turmoil on the team.  I'm also quite pleased that Broussard gets to show his stuff on the field.  He might have legs better fit for track and field, but he's shown that he can make the catch.  Besides, anyone who watched the Washington game can tell that Walker can't use his knee like he should.
  • Reggie Williams made the team.  I botched that pick.  Sorry folks, I was convinced that he was gone.  Jack said that he did well with all the challenges thrown at him so far, so I guess that's all she wrote on the subject.
  •  We're a little thin on offensive line.  When the backup right guard is your starting left guard, you're in a bit of trouble.  Not that Uche Nwaneri can't hold the weight on the line behind Vince Manuwai, but as Vic said today :
    Tom from Orange Park, FL: Do you believe we have enough depth on the offensive line to generate a powerful running game should another lineman go out with an injury? Vic: Not if that lineman is Vince Manuwai. He's the key to the Jaguars' running game.
  • I guess something important happened at quarterback, though I'm not sure what the fuss is...
  • Alvin Pearman was traded to the Seahawks.  This leaves a spot for LaBrandon, who asked to be traded (I swear I read that he requested a trade, but I can't find it now).  
  • Defense looks like I thought it would.  Not much in the way of surprises.  I like the group at linebacker: Ingram, Thomas, Peterson, Smith, Iwuh and Durant.  
  • I'm very happy to see Derek Landri on the final roster.  He looked sharp in camp, gave linemen fits, and plays tough.  He could be a potential steal.
  • Shocker Alert!  Joe Zelenka wins starting long snapper job!
Clearly we have much more to talk about!