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Jacksonville Jaguars Roster Cuts and Practice Squad

How silly of me.  I commented on the depth chart without going over who got a visit from the Turk. What is wrong with me today?  Must be the growing feeling of discontent that I'm formulating for my next post.

The Jaguars cut 19 players on the first of September.  

  • QB Byron Leftwich: Yeah, what were the odds of us trading a player with a 5 million dollar contract with say 24 hours notice.  Word on the street is that Baltimore is flirting with Byron.  Might be a good fit, though I think Kyle Boller would have to go.  There's no way I see Byron going anywhere to be the number 3 quarterback.  Though why Kansas City would think they'd be better off without Byron is beyond me.  I'll be convinced that they're the front-runners for Byron right up until he signs with another team.  I'm curious as to what sort of money he wants this year.
  • DE James Wyche and Mike Walker: Placed on Injured Reserve.  No playing time this year, but I'm glad to see us keeping their talent.
Other Veterans Cut
  • G Dan Connolly
  • S  Jamaal Fudge
  • LB Nick Greisen
  • DT Seth Payne
  • CB Bruce Thornton
  • CB Dee Webb
Most surprising veteran cut?  WR Charles Sharon, who looked great all season.  (no worries though, he's on our Practice Squad, see below)

First Year Players cut include:

  • S Josh Gattis (Surprise?)
  • DT Joe Anoai
  • LB Kevis Coley
  • DL Walter Curry
  • OT Ryan Gibbons
  • DE Tyler King
  • DB Jamar Landrom
  • LB Roy Manning (No Manning's on the Jaguars!)
  • G Pete McMahon
  • CB Rashod Moulton
  • TE Isaac Smolko
Our Practice Squad: (Read this for Practice Squad rules)
  • CB Rashod Moulton
  • DL Walter Curry
  • OT Ryan Gibbons
  • DE Jeremy Mincey
  • QB Lester Ricard
  • RB D.D. Terry
  • TE Isaac Smolko
  • WR Charles Sharon
I'm glad we kept our hands on Smolko and Sharon, good guys to have around.  Here is my theory on why Sharon got "cut".  The Jaguars must have been torn between John Broussard and Sharon.  Someone must have figured that if they released John, he'd get picked up on waivers before they could put him on the practice squad, and that Sharon would make it through.  So they cut Sharon and get him on the PS.  It's all the same to me I suppose; I just want to see Sharon get some playing time. See if he can do it on the field like he could in practice.