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Divisional Playoff Weekend: Picks for the "other" games...

Believe it or not, there are other games going on this weekend.  Of course, I'd like to refuse their existance, but I wouldn't be a blogger if I didn't attempt to offer some sort of opinion about the rest of the NFL.  With that said, I picked 3 out of 4 games correctly last weekend, failing only because I thought that the Giants were bogus.  I was wrong, and I'll admit it.  This week I give extra love to the G-Men, cause they deserve it.  


Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers -- They say the most sure fire bet in football is to take the home team during Divisional weekend.  However, I make no pretense of operating by the "normal rules" of game picking.  No sir, I have all sorts of bias and tradition that I use to not only make the least useful picks possible, but to also cover up my shortcomings as a handicapper.  So, with my first pick, I'm taking Seattle over the Packers.  I think the Fairy Tale has to end at some point and the Packers, despite their season, are going to have a gunslinger game where Favre throws a few too many picks, and somehow Marcus Trufant proves he's a legitimate cornerback.  Besides, there's a Jacksonville connection on the team in Safety Deon Grant, and when in doubt root for the former Jag.  Of course, that logic could make you root for Kyle Brady...

 Seahawks -- 31 - 24


San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts -- I'm all in on the Colts beating the Chargers, as much as that pains me to back the boys in blue.  Part of me knows that Rooting for the Colts is the best way to have insurance against a Patriots Super Bowl, and that's important.  If the Jaguars can't get it done, I think I can trust Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning, and Bob Sanders to knock em off.  Besides, never, ever, ever put Norv Turner in your Corner in the Playoffs.  That's just dumb

 Colts 31 - 17

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys -- Uh oh.  I'm taking another visiting team.  That's 3 out of four, if you include the obvious fact that I'm taking the Jaguars over the Patriots.  Which means I'm going to be horribly wrong on several of these.  And I'm OK with that, as long as my Jags get the W.  I owe my friend Roman some Giants love, as he's declared that the Giants and the Jaguars are the same team.  In fact, I'm gonna let his words explain:

As a twenty year old from northern New Jersey, I have grown up with more than enough sports teams around.  Football, the Giants and Jets.  Hockey, the Devils, Rangers, Islanders.  Basketball, the Nets and Knicks.  Baseball, the Yankees and Mets.  I have made it a point to be loyal to one team in each sport and up until this year, I have never had a second favorite.
This year, though being a college student in Florida when the Giants were not playing, I found myself watching some of the Jags games.  I didn't know what it was, but I found some enjoyment in seeing the team win.
Last Saturday night, I tuned into the Jags Steelers game, looking for a good game, casually hoping that the Jaguars would pull off the "upset".  The game went on and the Jaguars were leading until shortly after Hines Ward got away with that blatant facemask that was called defensive pass interference.  Immediately after that call, I began to yell at the television, routing on the Jags as David Garrard ran them to a victory.
Over the past few days, I thought about why I had taken a liking to the Jaguars and realized that they are very similar to the Giants.  Both teams are the 5th seed.  This weekend, they both match up against the number one team in their respective conference and are underdogs, despite the fact that both number one teams are not playing their best football of the season.  The Giants and Jags, however are a force to be reckoned with right now.  Both teams have two running backs carrying the load.  One that does not get the respect around the league that he deserves, and another that was drafted later in the draft and can break open a game (MJD and Ahmad Bradshaw).  Both teams have quarterbacks that are not good enough to carry a team to a Super Bowl, but if they play mistake free football, can get their teams to the Super Bowl.  And finally a bit about the defenses.  Both have a young, explosive secondary and experienced defense lines filled with sack artists and can give any quarterback a nightmare.
So after all of this, it comes down to one thing.  This Saturday, I will tune in again to watch the Jags and Patriots go at it, however this time, if I owned a Jaguars jersey I would go as far as to put it on, hoping for Tom Brady and Randy Moss to be cut back down to earth.  Then, Sunday I will watch as the Giants defensive line reminds Tony Romo why it is not a good idea to take mid-season vacations.
So until the Giants and Jaguars meet in the Super Bowl, best of luck to the Jags in taking down the Patriots this season.
From a Giants fan that has found an AFC team to root for (thank god it is not the Jets)!

So there you go, for my friend Roman, I'll give him some Giants love.

 Giants 28 - 24

There you go.  Don't bet on any of these.  I'm in no way responsible for your betting outcomes.