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Jacksonville Jaguars v. New England Patriots: Final Friday Injury Report


LB Mike Peterson (hand)

DT John Henderson (hamstring)
DT Grady Jackson (knee)
WR Reggie Williams (back)

Nothing to worry about on the Jaguars end, everyone's practicing and happy and all that stuff.  Sort of a non-story here.


S Willie Andrews (elbow)
TE Kyle Brady (foot)
FB Kyle Eckel (stomach)
S Rodney Harrison (thigh)
CB Ellis Hobbs (groin)
OT Nick Kaczur (foot)
G Stephen Neal (shoulder)
TE Stephen Spach (knee)
DB Antwain Spann (hamstring)

QB Tom Brady (right shoulder)

A good friend of mine who knows more about the Patriots injury situation tells me that only OT Nick Kaczur and G Stephen Neal are "really questionable" as in Game Time decisions.   Harrison and Hobbs are "fine" and of course, Tom Brady will play.