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Welcome to the Off-Season

So it's here.

Despite all our efforts to push it back, the off-season has finally arrived.

But that doesn't mean the fun will stop here at Big Cat Country, in fact, BCC is going to quickly become your one stop headquarters for all things off-season.

Things to look forward to.

  1. Up to date league calendar.
  2. Constant gathering and posting of Mock Drafts.
  3. World Famous SB Nation Mock Draft.
  4. Up close and personal look at all potential free agents, both on the Jaguars and elseware.
  5. Salary Cap information.
  6. Live Draft Coverage.
  7. Scouting reports on potential draft picks.
  8. Anything else I can think of to get me through the off-season.
So there you go Jaguar Fans, we're going to stay as busy as we can all the way up until training camp starts, so consider this your number one source for Jaguars Off-Season Info!

I'm doing a spot of home renovations this week, so I'm a little infrequent right now, but have no fear, we'll be all retooled for the off-season in a few days!