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Jacksonville Jaguars 2008 Free Agents

I added a few things to the left hand side bar today of particular importance to the offseason.

I'm sure you'd like to know who our 2008 Free Agents are.

QB - Q. Gray

RB - L. Toefield

FB - M. Owens

FB - G. Jones

WR - E. Wilford

TE - G. Estandia

TE - R. Angulo (Restricted Free Agent)

OL - M. Williams

OL - S. McDougle

OL - T. Reyes

DE - B. McCray

DE - J. Wyche

DE - K. Pettway

DT - G. Jackson

LB - T. Gilbert

LB - S. Orr

CB - T. Cousin

CB - A. Glenn

SS - G. Sensabaugh (Restricted Free Agent)

SS - S. Knight

SS - J. Fudge

I've highlighted players that I think the Jaguars should resign, but it's only a quick look.  We'll break it down a lot more as we get into the Free Agency period.