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Jaguars Fans Jumped and Beaten at Foxboro: Color me surprised

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From the department of things not actually surprising...

I don't know about you guys, but I am stunned, no wait Shocked to hear that Jaguars fans were jumped after the Divisional Playoff game in Foxboro.

Shocked, that a fanbase so Outraged over a booing could do something so disgusting and despicable.  Who would have thought that something like this could happen at a New England Patriots game where THE PATRIOTS WON?  Who beats up fans in general, but especially after a victory?  What absurdity.  What terrible nastyness.  What crap.

The crazy thing is that of the four people who got beaten, two of them were PATRIOT FANS, wearing Tedy Bruschi and Tom Brady shirts, the other two in Jags jerseys.  

Their Story:

"They hit him from behind," she said. "And when Jeff stepped in, they knocked him to the ground. My husband Chris was walking ahead of us; when he saw what was happening he came running.

"So Chris gets one of these guys in a headlock, trying to pull him away, and while they're on the ground, someone else kicks him in the head. That's how he got the black eye and swollen cheek. My husband never got hit by the ones who started it; he got hit by the ones passing by."

Wormstead, 40, can't describe his attackers.

"It was pretty dark out where they're putting up all those new buildings," he said. "So I didn't get a good look. Besides, at 5-foot-8, everybody looks big to me. I just know I've got a punctured eardrum and lumps all over me; Chris has cuts all over his face; and Jeff got pretty messed up, too. People passing by were kicking and punching for no reason."

Or is a Jaguar jersey ample provocation for a pummeling?

"Chris and Tanya will have quite a story to tell about what we're like up here," Wormstead said. "And I feel bad about that, because I thought we were beyond this, especially now that things have gotten so good for us in sports.

"I remember going to games with my father, sitting on aluminum benches in the freezing cold with very small crowds. Now the good times are here, and the Krafts are doing everything they can to make it just right; I certainly don't blame the organization for what happened.

"But this was worse than going to New York for a Yankees-Sox game, and I've done that plenty of times. I go to sporting events all the time and don't mind spending the money because I love our teams. I spent $1,200 for four tickets last Saturday, plus $40 to park and $100 for food. And Chris and Tanya paid to fly here, only to watch their team take a beating and then take a beating of their own."

Now, I know you can't judge individual fans in the context of a major sporting event, what the detail that stands out in this is that people passing by JOINED IN rather than making any effort to stop.  And I doubt any of them will fess up to witnessing anything.

This completely validates every thing we've said about New England Patriot fans all season. They're spoiled, rotten, nasty, brutish, and don't deserve one bit of the success that they get.  Tom Brady and Company are far too good for their fans.  

Jumping opposing fans after a victory?  What the Hell?  

There is NO PLACE for violence at any sporting event.  The big hits happen on the field and the better team wins.  There's no need for vigilantism by the home crowd, no matter what the outcome.  've had scary experiences at the away team, particularly in Kansas City, but nothing near what these fans went through.

And since New England Fans are so holier than thou about the booing, I'd like to say that my experience at the RCA dome was fantastic, the opposing fans were friendly, and most just apologized for beating the Jaguars.  Nothing like this bull shit at Foxboro.

Big thanks to Stampede Blue for letting me know about this outrage.

Though, sadly, I'm not surprised in the least.  Such an undeserving bunch of whiny, petty, shallow, and immature fans.  

I officially take back everything nice I've ever said about the New England Patriots, there is no bigger Chargers fan in Missouri right now than me.