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Conference Games Open Thread: Live Commentary!

Update [2008-1-20 17:33:18 by River City Rage]::Game Over. Now our hopes and dreams are in the hands of an NFC team...

Update [2008-1-20 17:27:19 by River City Rage]::It's the start of the 4th quarter. Tom Brady is having a bad game, but all that means is that the Patriots will pound away on the ground. It's a two point lead, New England Ball. Chargers are still somehow in this, but face huge problems. Rivers is throwing with a lame arm to go with his bum leg. Chargers must hold the pats for no score, put together one drive, and score a frigging touchdown.

Update [2008-1-20 17:4:59 by River City Rage]::Stuffed on 3rd down and they choose to kick. The inability to score in the red zone is killing the Chargers.

Update [2008-1-20 17:1:10 by River City Rage]::Most important third down ever. One yard is going to be the game.

Update [2008-1-20 16:58:20 by River City Rage]:: Chargers taking advantage of a turnover. They ought to stick with the insane pressure on Brady, because it's leading to good things. They, as I've said all game, must not end this drive with 3 points. They must score a touchdown

Update [2008-1-20 16:0:45 by River City Rage]:: Chargers have 3rd down and Goal with 8 yards ahead of them. I'll make this clear, if they don't score a Touchdown here, they'll lose this game. Like I just said, you can't beat New England with Field Goals...

Update [2008-1-20 15:53:23 by River City Rage]:: Errrrr, so the Patriots drove down the field and scored. San Diego really, really, really needed to score a TD and not a field goal. You don't beat the Patriots by getting 3 points. That just won't cut it.

Update [2008-1-20 15:36:33 by River City Rage]::It's over 10 min into the Chargers/Patriots games. The Patriots have had the ball three times. Punt, Punt, Interception. It's far to early to make any conclusions, but the the Chargers are playing with a ton of fire.

Watch them collapse the pocket, they're making Brady look mortal. More to come.

If you'd like to talk about the conference games, here's a great place to do so.

Me, I'm a little more interested in the NFC game at 6:30 than the 3:00 AFC, but you don't often get "better" games than conference championships.  Especially considering that in recent history the AFC Team has smoked the NFC in the Super Bowl.

I'm thinking about tossing up a live blog for one of the games, we'll see how it goes on this hungover Sunday.