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Defensive Line Coach Ray Hamilton to Atlanta?

Something weird happened at this morning.  In the daily Ask Vic someone asked Vic if he knew if any of Jacksonville's assistants would be joining Mike Smith in Atlanta.

Vic replied that Defensive Line Coach Ray Hamilton was going with Smith.

Shortly thereafter, that question and answer was deleted from the article, and a question on the message board about the move is also missing.

Weird Stuff, so much in fact that I've got nothing to actually quote here, since all content is removed.

But I'll go ahead and throw it out there, because it represents a big concern for all of us as we watch the Jaguars progress through the off-season.  Mike Smith has already hired an Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator from within the Atlanta organization, but it's a bad time to have your cupboard raided, considering how many of the "best names" are already signed up with other teams.

Losing Ray Hamilton is hard because our defensive line, despite the injuries, is a strength of our team.  It all starts with our line, and change there could be problematic.

Also, while I love the editorial freedom that has from the team, sometimes it's funny how little the left hand knows about the right.

More on this if it becomes official...