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Jaguars Defensive Coordinator Hunt: The Plot Thickens/Dave Campo to Dallas?

The quest for the next Jaguars Defensive Coordinator just got a little more interesting.  It appears that the Jaguars have given permission for Assistant Head Coach Dave Campo to interview with the Dallas Cowboys.

Campo, for the record, is a former head coach of the Cowboys, which would be weird to have a fired head coach return to the team as an assistant.  But whatever, internal policies of the Cowboys don't interest me.

What is important, however, is what that does to our  search for a defensive coordinator.

Let's draw some conclusions.

  1. Ray Hamilton, Defensive Line Coach is gone to Atlanta, Ted Monachino, Assistant Defensive Line coach, will replace him.
  2. Donnie Edwards will be the Secondary Coach, unless something happens and Dave Campo stays.
  3. If Dave Campo leaves, which letting him interview with the Cowboys seems to indicate, Former Redskins Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams should be the number one choice.
  4. Rex Ryan is staying in Baltimore, removing him from the hunt.
  5. Ron Rivera, still an option, but I've not heard anything connecting him to the Jaguars.
So, as far as I'm concerned, it's all about Gregg Williams.  St. Louis is trying to interview him, but given a choice between Jacksonville and St. Louis, I'd imagine that he'd want to put on the Teal, simply because it's a far easier "fix" in Jacksonville.  For a guy who's dying to be a head coach someday, Jacksonville is a shorter journey, though I'd hate to have him for one or two years and then burn out on us.

Clearly, more to come.

Also, I've got a new feature here at Big Cat Country, I've made a Mock Draft Database that can be found in the upper right corner, under menu.  It'll be updated twice a week with the latest mock drafts and consensus picks.

I'll be back tomorrow morning!