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Defensive Coordinator Found: Gregg Williams to Interview in Jacksonville on Monday!

Gregg Williams, our new defensive coordinator?

Today's Washington Post is reporting that former Redskins Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams is in contact with the Jaguars and could interview on Monday.

The exact quote:

Williams is in discussions with Jacksonville, league sources said, and could interview today for the Jaguars' defensive coordinator position.

Good.  Get this deal done and get it done now.  Is Gregg Williams the perfect hire?  No, he's got an agenda of his own and that means this is a short term gig.  However, he's good, he knows how to work a defense, and he's sure to bring an attacking scheme to Jacksonville without having to change our roster too much.

That said, Jack Del Rio will have to clearly demarcate the bounds of influence on the defense, as Williams is a control freak and could create tension.  Then again, Del Rio just won the battle with James Harris, so he's probably in no mood to deal with power struggles, so I imagine that things will be made very clear to Williams.

I'm excited, I really am, because our defense is too talented and too powerful to sit and be stagnant.  I think this is the fresh blood and perspective that we need in the coaching staff and that we'll look back on this as one of the "key moves" that brings a Super Bowl to Jacksonville.

Of course, I could be completely and utterly wrong  and be jumping the gun, but whatever.