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Jaguars Hunt for Defensive Coordinator Continues: Gregg WIliams to Titans?

In yet another development, the Tennessee Titans have requested an interview with Gregg Williams.  Williams was on Jeff Fishers staff from 1997 to 2000 as their linebackers coach as well as defensive coordinator.

Of course, the Titans have a defensive coordinator right now in Jim Schwartz, which makes for an interesting dynamic there.

Now, I've no link to back this up, BUT, I'm told that someone on the NFL Network said that Jeff Fisher got in touch with Gregg Williams at the "11th hour" and will not work for Jacksonville.

As soon as I have something legit, I'll post it here, but my gut reaction is "damn.  Not so much at not getting Williams, which I think would have been great, but that Tennessee would get him right from under us.  Wait till Gregg sees the offense up there and realizes just how huge his job will be to keep that machine going.

Clearly, more to come.