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Jaguars Hunt Continues: Gregg Williams Interviews With Jacksonville Today (Tuesday)

Ok, I know you have to be SICK of hearing about Gregg Williams on this site.  I'm sick of typing the name and thinking about it.  

That said, we've got a confirmed interview with Gregg Williams happening with the Jaguars TODAY.  I don't know how quick the turnaround is one things like this, but since we don't operate like the Washington Redskins, I'd assume pretty quickly.

The Quote, care of the Washington Post:

Gregg Williams, released after four years as Washington's assistant head coach-defense, will interview today for Jacksonville's vacant defensive coordinator position, league sources said.

I've heard nothing official connecting Williams to the Titans as I reported last night via what I heard was said on NFL Network.

With a little luck, we'll hire Gregg and I'll never have to devote so much time to him as I have this week.  

There's just not much else to cover, unless you want to talk about Super Bowl Media day, which is the worst day of Sports News ever.

I'll keep updating as I find things out!