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Defensive Coordinator Update: Titans Extend Jim Schwartz

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So follow me on this.

A few days ago it was reported that the Tennessee Titans were interested in Gregg Williams.

I'll eat that one, it was pretty unverified, and the Titans extended the contract of their current Defensive Coordinator, Jim Schwartz.  Which makes it pretty clear that Williams won't be going to Nashville.

Now, Gregg came to Jacksonville and interviewed, but left without a contract.  Jack Del Rio gave no timetable for how long it would take to announce the new Defensive Coordinator.  

Our competition at the point are the St. Louis Rams, who would like to somehow re-combine Al Saunders and Gregg Williams in the Rams coaching staff.  Though, Williams would be the Defensive Backs coach.

Now, I'm thinking that our problem comes with the fact that if Gregg goes to Jacksonville as the Defensive Coordinator, he loses on the "free money" from the Redskins.  If he goes to St. Louis, he's "demoted", and gets to milk Snyder and get paid by the Rams.  Jacksonville would have to make a pretty significant financial investment to get Gregg to forgo his free Redskins money.

Personally, I'd be for spending the money on Williams.  The influx of new ideas on our defense, as well as the presence of an outsiders opinion on our players would help the Jaguars make the next step.  We want to compete with the Patriots, Colts, etc, we'll need to do whatever it takes.